Saturday, May 5, 2007

H.E.M.A. Dutch Resto

Cuisine: European
Here's the situation: it was definitely lunchtime and we needed a quick bite - one that our kids would really eat (they have become very picky recently) but no fastfood chain, please. And preferably nearby, since we had to catch our transportation back to Bandung in a couple of hours. My mother suggested this Dutch Family Restaurant, which sounds quite proper for our situation, so we went there. The restaurant is called H.E.M.A., a name not unsimilar to an established retail store in The Netherlands, but this one stands for Halal, Enak, Murah, Artistik (Halal, Tasty, Cheap, Artistic).

The interior has the notion of a wooden cottage; wooden elements (mock fences, tables and chairs, pilars) are spread around the place. Tiny gimmicks from The Netherlands can be found everywhere. You know, those small wooden 'klompen', plastic tulips, miniature windmills, cheese cutting board and Delft-blue ceramics. Feel at home yet? There's a television at one corner, broadcasting a Dutch program, although you could barely listen to it.

We quickly ordered our meals: tuna sandwich for Syb, fries and mayo for Dhanu and Lindri, a hot dog for Dhanu, fish and chips and cream mushroom and chicken soup for me. For my mother, a portion of sirloin steak. On to the food..
My soup arrived first, in a common soup-bowl, dashed with croutons and a sprig of parsley. Lindri ate all the croutons and gave the rest to me. It tasted decent, but not special.
Syb said his sandwich had a strong mayonaise taste, but hardly any tuna at all. Dhanu enjoyed his hotdog, that was completed with zig-zagged mustard and ketchup, although I wasn't impressed by the sausage at all. Both kids were happy with their fries, of course, which were cut 'Belgian-fries' style: thick, random and a bit rough. The fries were served in pressed wooden bowls, based with an oil paper, but lots of pieces were soaked and rather greasy. The 'mayonaise' was perhaps mixed with a bit of mustard, and were served in a small plate, garnished with parsley sprigs.

My fish and chips. It was probably a big mistake to order this food in a 'Dutch restaurant'. I hoped for at least a decent chunk of deep-fried fresh fish (while realizing that there's no way I would get kibbeling as a nice surprise). But what came in front of me were two patties of fried, coated frozen 'fish', which was hard to cut and evenmore to chew. Don't even ask about the taste. It's a wonder I finished them anyway. My fries were no different from the kids'. But the sauce! I thought it was tartar sauce of some sorts.. but it turned out to be a 'tuna mayonaise'! Just imagine my surprise when applying a knifepoint of that sauce to the already-ruined fish patties. Oh and of course that sauce was garnished with a parsley sprig, too.

What's for dessert? Syb ordered 'klappertaart' and a cup of black coffee, and I a portion of vanilla ice cream. The klappertaart appeared different from klaapertaarts I knew before: this one was served in a single, round aluminum baking container, and shaped like the top of a high ice cream cone. It tasted fine, though. The ice cream came in two scoops, one was dressed with strawberry syrup(?) and the other chocolate fudge. I only ate a spoon of it, the rest was claimed by Dhanu.
My mother actually ordered a portion of poffertjes as well, but it came only after we've paid and all (poffertjes included), so we had it packed to bring. I didn't get to taste it but my mother said it's just so-so.

All in all, the food was allright and edible, although not spectacular. The place was nice, the service good, the ambience friendly (nevermind the kitsch, the Dutch gimmicks and the noisy teenagers who seemed to consider this restaurant their hanging place). The toilet, however, was small but pleasant.
Will we come back to this place again? Maybe, if we feel like trying other dishes on the menu (there's hutspot met klapstuk!). It's just too bad that they don't really serve the Dutch rookworst, or ewrtensoep.

Scale 1 to 5
Service: 3,5
Food: 2,5
Ambience: 3
Price: 3,5
Total: about 3

H.E.M.A. Dutch Resto
Jl. K.H. Akhmad Dahlan No. 18
Keb. Baru, Jakarta Selatan
T +62 (21) 739 3891
F +62 (21) 725 2712

Drawings, coming up! :D


  1. gag enaaakk.. :D

    itu udah luama banget di sana.. sejak aku kelas 2 sma kayaknya.. pernah nyoba makan2anya.. dan rasanya.. errrr.. imho sih gag lekker.. xP

  2. bener kata kamu masih edible tapi nggak istimewa.
    tapi harganya emang bersahabat ya..

  3. You're generous for giving it a 3 :p. At first I thought you missed Amsterdam and started writing your favourite food hangouts there :p.

  4. Haha.. I gave it three for considerations other than food (service, comfort - and that my kids reallly did eat)
    Food hangouts? I plan to write about my cheesecake tour in Amsterdam! :)

  5. ditraktir ibu, jadi aku wanda :"> kebawa sih bonnya, tp lupa tarok mana *payah*
    kalo bener mursid, makanya banyak ABG nongkrong situ ya.. ibarat AH di blok m jaman kita dulu :D

  6. apalagi dibanding sama the real thing ya :D
    mbok yao mereka usaha dikit, bikin kek stroopwaffel yg fresh atau minimal satu jenis full meal yg rasanya otentik sebagai jagoannya, pasti jadi lebih mendingan!

  7. Blm pernah nyobain neh tp kl gak begeto enak yah mending gak usah samsek yah mbak...tfs!!!

  8. dimana seh lokasinya? baru denger

  9. Chesecake Tour ! Argh ! *pingsan*

  10. Tita, thx for the information, it's always good to know.

  11. Smart choice of name...anyway if you think of HEMA you'll think of that retail store in the Netherlands...(Jadi inget barang2 HEMA yang murah meriah namun menggoda itu) ;)

  12. Wah, ini yang di Tebet Idriya itu ya? Kompleks sebelahnya Gedung Gelael. Dari luar bentuknya agak.......ya gitu deh. Kata temenku JAUH lebih enak Dutch Family resto (ini namanya kalo nggak salah) di Barito.
    mbak Tita, biasanya aku kalo mau beli klappetaart justru ke restoran Menado, atau bertandang ke rumah teman Menado yang lagi hajatan. Biasanya di tempat2 itu lah klappetaart rasanya nendang bgt.

  13. Bukan, ini yg deket Barito, Jl. Gandaria, dan sekitarnya. Kata ibuku yg di Kemang ada sup tomatnya, sayang yg di sini nggak ada padahal Dhanu doyan banget itu.

    Klappertaart terenak menurutku emang yg pernah aku makan di Manado! Mantap sekali! :)

  14. dan di toko mur-mer ini juga ada café-nya, plon! makanannya juga asik asik :D

  15. yg ini di kebayoran baru. cabang2 lain ada di TIS-Square (JakSel), Kemang Pratama (Bekasi) sama di Lippo Cikarang. <-- hasil mengutip dari kartu nama

  16. iya, ini termasuk tempat makan yang nggak usah dibela2in buat didatengin khusus

  17. aaahhh betuuuulllll ! scoooooones !

  18. permisi, kalau ada yang mau pesan makanan dan nasi kotak, kami siap delivery. no charge....terima kasih. selamat mencoba

  19. Selain cabang tersebut ada di Kedutaan Belanda, Bekasi Square,