Friday, May 18, 2007

Duh Gemesnyaaa*)

*)Note: I wrote an Indonesian expression as the title since I couldn't find any sufficient English version.

As most of you have known, I've been looking for a replacement *sniff* for my currently-dead iMac. Yesterday, we finally got the chance to browse at IBCC, which is reputed to have the most complete Mac shop in Bandung. The shop, which turned out to be not so big, nor so impressive, is called IforDay.

I wasn't really sure about what I was going to have. At first I had an eye on an iMac desktop, but after considering for a while, my choice went to a MacBook. I opted for a black one, but they didn't have any in their stock. Ordering to Jakarta was not possible either, because (according to an attendant who served us) there will be a new one for this variation, so no black one will be delivered until the next 2-2,5 weeks. The 'new one' (the black one with a new processor?) is said to be here after one month. I can't afford to wait that long.

The white ones are available, so we said we'd take one. The same attendant immediately prepared a new one for me, installing softwares and such. He asked us to choose one of the two bonuses to go with the MacBook: an outer-surface protector or a screen shield. We chose the latter, so after the installing was done, the attendant had the shield spread on the screen for us (we know we would be so clumsy doing this, and therefore were grateful for this extra service).

Paying time. We of course didn't bring that much cash, so I could only make a down payment and come back some other day with the rest and to pick up the MacBook. We didn't pay with credit card because, if it's not from BCA, they'll charge you 3% (which is about the amount of Lindri's school fee).

Now the *gemes* part comes. My BNI Bandung account contains much too few amount, and so does our PostBank account. Our ABN Amro Netherlands, both my own and our joint accounts, keep a substantial number. But here lies the problem: a letter of request to activate our Internet banking has been sent to our ABN Amro representative in Amsterdam - but they haven't responded. Therefore our bulk in those accounts are virtually useless. The ABN Amro in Bandung can't help us here, because they don't have an online arrangement(?) with ABN Amro Netherlands.

There is one hope yet: my ABN Amro Jakarta account. It has the right sum of money and (after inquiring via telephone) it is possible for me to make a withdrawal in Bandung, as long as I provide my ID card. Sounds easy, isn't it. I thought so - but I was wrong.
This morning I went to an ABN Amro office, directly to the Customer Service. Everything went smooth and quickly until it's time for me to receive the money. The teller said that my account is blocked. It's true that I haven't been using this account for years and have only been receiving regular courrant accounts.

I had to wait for about half an hour until the personnel who attended me was available again. When it's finally my turn, she tried to call my contact person at ABN Amro Jakarta , but didn't succeed. She then tried to get in touch with a general banking personnel, and so on. All these trying, waiting and dealing took about one hour, until a conclusion was drawn: they can unblock my account and move it to Bandung (my current domicile), but it takes time. I can perhaps withdraw my money on Monday - at the soonest - when everything is taken care of.

Until then, I'll just have to yearn for my MacBook that is stored at IBCC, far down the South of Bandung. In the meantime, to amuse myself, I'm browsing on the Internet for MacBook sleeves :D I hope I can get this banking business straight and pick it up on Monday already!

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  1. sabar ya sepupu..urusan bank emang sering bikin kesel walaupun nggak sengeselin pak A..

  2. masalah perbankan emang bikin gemes. pernah mao bikin account di Deutsche Bank Jkt, secara gw pikirnya mereka online dengan yg di Jerman. ternyata tidak. huh! Citibank Jerman pun ga online sama yg Jkt. ribet emang masalah perbankan. *jadi curhat*

    niwei, moga² urusan banking-nya goes smooth..

  3. mau cepet? ngutang dulu sama ortu ta.. huehuehuheu...!

  4. haha jelas! urusan bank masih bisa ada kepastian, sebab itu jatohnya kan bakal ke reputasi mereka juga. lha kalo pak A, peduli apa dia :P

  5. ndy: iyaa kita buka di amro karena ada juga di indonesia, kirain gampang. taunya nggak bisa! keki deeehhh.. thanks ya!

    ntul: hihi malyuuu dong.. lagian pasti sama lamanya, secara mereka adanya di jkt :D

    dezig: maunya sih.. tapi kan.. *hiks*

  6. yang putih juga keren kok mbakyu..*ihik*

  7. Whuaaaaaaaaaaa, mauuuuuuuuuuu juga :-) *melirik Toshiba tuaku* ihiks...

    Mba'e, pasarannya di Indonesia berapa skr? Konon lebih murah daripada beli disini ya?

  8. makanya nggak nolak juga.. *ihik* (sinyir colongan)

  9. Sama aja sih keliatannya. Kemaren sih itung2annya pake USD, berdasarkan harga resmi yg ada ('dari sananya') terus dikonversi ke IDR.

  10. wah iyaa, sekalian belanja buku kali ya.. *kangen toko buku yg decent*

  11. ih ABN di indo mah kampung abis... makanya dulu aku buka, trus aku tutup lagi karena bener2 useless, ga kaya ABN disini..

  12. i-mac aja yg 20 inch. Keren banget tuh, kalo kerja di macbook terus bisa capek leher dan mata.

  13. Iya mbak...ABN Amro indonesia emang sama sekali gak profesional. Mamaku tu udah berkali2 punya urusan gak beres sama mereka. Akhirnya karena kesel ditutup deh accountnya. Apa2 alasannya selalu karena gak online sama ABN sini, which is i think aneh banget.
    Tapi anyway goodluck lah ya,Mbak Tita....;)
    MacBook nya imyuuuuttt.......

  14. Gue kira lo gemes sama mac yg udah dibawa pulang, ternyata sama ABN. :))

    Bank2 asing di Indonesia memang operasinya beda dengan di luar sana karena kalo gue gak salah, Indonesia dianggap country risknya tinggi sehingga service yg dikasih gak 'full-fledged'. Dulu wkt krisis, saking parahnya, Head office bank2 asing itu mengeluarkan peraturan sehingga kalo ada apa2 dengan Indonesia, mereka akan 'meninggalkan' cabang mereka di Indonesia. Makanya sempet kan credit card dari citibank Indonesia ditolak di luar negeri?

    Juga, kalo gue gak salah ada urusan sama BI. Bank2 asing di Indonesia diatur sama BI sehingga beberapa produk gak bisa selancar itu. Jelasnya gue udah lupa tapi kira2 gitu lah (maap, udah lama gak di bank). Jadi.... harap maklum deh :D

  15. Welcome to the Macbook club ;-)
    Hope your account will be unblock come this Monday!

    p.s. Pasarmalambesar started yesterday. Any tips on what to be on the lookout for? Thanks!

  16. djo & nin: Oohh gitu ya ternyata. Padahal waktu masih di Amsterdam, pas ngurus2 utk pindahan (termasuk banking), orang Amro di sana bilang pasti mudah kalau ada Amro juga di Indonesia. Ternyata tidaaak.. Hmm.. apa aku tutup aja ya rekeningnya..

    jod: capek leher? enggak lah kalo ngetiknya sambil tidur2an.. hehe.. 20" itu utk yg pantes2nya utk yg aktif kerja dengan image di Mac, gue sih paling cuma ngetik proposal dan bikin2 bahan presentasi, scanning main2 dan sedikit serius.. nggak lebih dari itu.

    ven: haha iyaaa.. gemesnya karena kita nggak bisa pake uang kita sendiri, ada dan sedang perlu sekali tapi sulit diakses!
    urusan perbankan gue emang rada2 blank, paling taunya bbrp layanan aja yg ada hubungan langsung dengan kita/nasabah. tapi kan.. tetep aja *gemes*.. hihihi

    tita: Thank you!
    I suggest you go to a toko and take one free Pasar Malam Besar schedule 'newspaper'. It contains all the programs in details, so you can make your choices and arrange your own time. I used to check the Bengkel section (workshops, etc.), lectures (on another stage), book kiosk (the name escapes me now, but it's a big one in Den Haag, with a special Indonesian section) and - if time permitted - cooking demo :D
    With Sadia to consider, you'd better come early in the morning, when it's not too hot and crowded. It can get very unpleasant for small tykes with all the noise and such.

  17. kok pake ada acara installing software? kan harusnya semua come installed? about the banking business, there's plenty to choose from. isn't there any that's easiest to use and offer the best of service?

  18. how much for that mcb? i got a good deal in klapagading a few months ago

  19. Ember... intinya, jgn percaya janji2 kuda orang bank deh *pesan mantan tk. tipu* ihik...ihik...ihik....

  20. tp emg gitu seh, ABN di indo emg cmn ambil nama aja, dulu beberapa kali nanya ama orang ABN, *padahal berharap ga di charge kalo ambil di indo :P* tetep aja gitu.. ambil uang langsung di atm indo mba? biasanya BNI bisa tp ya emng cmn 1,5-2 juta sekali tarik sehari seh ya.. :)

  21. Ta, ojo lali masang 'anti petir' opo sih istilahe? Hehehe, ibumu pancen gaptek. Nang Senayan selalu ono yo untuk mengindari stroom sing anhe-2 juga (tiba-2 mati, dst), wis dipasangi 'adaptor'. Janne ibu biso transfer sementara nang Taplus BNI urusan omah yo Ta? Yo wis ta balik nggletak neh, daag.