Friday, August 31, 2007

Cool Packages

The last couple of days brought me packages with cool contents. The first one was a copy of 24 Hour Comics Day 2006 Amsterdam, a compilation of 24HCD works that was done at Lambiek Comics shops/gallery, Amsterdam. I took part in the event and got my story published already in the Highlights 2006, but nonetheless this book is something else. It is different when you actually know and work with fellow artists in person (although partly), and saw the process along the way. Thanks, guys, for sending me a complimentary copy!

Another one arrived earlier today: two sets of T-shirts (each accompanied by two stickers), one red and one white, with the following text:


More about this campaign can be viewed at the Multiply site of Indonesia Bertindak. It only took about two, three days from ordering to receiving the shirts. I have seen this campaign through photographs I received in PPI Amsterdam mailing list (Indonesian students wearing the T-shirts in front of the Peace Court of Den Haag), then forgot about it for a while. Until about one week ago, I saw a red sticker sporting the same graphics on a dashboard of an angkot in Bandung(!). That same week, Jalansutra mailing list started a competition to make a slogan for Indonesian tourism. All members are welcome to submit one or more slogans, each with a short description of its origin. It didn't take long until we heard from the creator of Dangerously Beautiful who submitted this widely-known slogan (at least among Indonesian students abroad). This is where I knew how to contact them. Thanks a lot, people, for the prompt response. And high appreciation for your efforts and spirit!

The headline of Indonesia Bergerak is a quotation from W.S. Rendra: TINDAKAN adalah aktualisasi dari kata-kata. If I may add to that, I'll quote from Leonardo Da Vinci (which is one of ten propositions in my dissertation): I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

***For those who are interested to take part in the campaign by purchasing the T-shirt, please send an SMS to this number: (+62) 0888 - 8  - 17 - 1945 or send an email to***

Buletin "Curhat"

NewsLetter from Space59, concerning "Curhat" exhibition - and the next one!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Curhat" T-shirts

T-shirts that will be produced for the exhibition. Illustration by Tita, design by Pidi.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

[sneak preview] Wawancara Curhat

Wawancara ini dilakukan lewat YM yg lagging dan sering disco. Ditambah pula dengan tabiat pewawancaranya (Pidi), maka hasilnya adalah seperti ini. Dapatkan aslinya di dalam kemasan paket khusus saat pameran!

Alamku Tak Seramah Dulu

Genre: Outdoors & Nature
Author:Aditya Dipta Anindita (ed.)
Buku ini berisi perubahan2 yang dialami oleh anak-anak yang tinggal di pelosok Indonesia, terutama berkaitan dengan menurunnya kualitas alam yang terjadi di habitat mereka yang sering disebabkan oleh intervensi 'kemajuan' atau 'pembangunan daerah'.

Membaca satu demi satu kisah mereka membangkitkan berbagai rasa: kagum dan bangga ketika mengetahui ketrampilan anak2 ini dalam berinteraksi langsung dengan alam, haru ketika mengetahui betapa berat perjuangan mereka sehari-hari, gemas ketika sepertinya tidak bisa berbuat apa2 untuk mencegah kerusakan lingkungan alam yang secara langsung berdampak ke kesejahteraan anak2 ini - dan juga anak2 di pelosok lain Indonesia.

Cerita2 di sini dituturkan dengan baik, setting tempat kejadian dapat terbayang dan dialog yang terjadi juga menjadikannya lebih hidup. Andai saja diilustrasikan dengan lebih banyak dan lebih baik, pasti buku ini akan menjadi lebih menarik - terutama bagi anak2 di kota2 besar yang makin menjauh dari alam bebas - supaya dapat mengenal pengalaman teman2 sebayanya, sesama anak2 Indonesia.

Cerita tentang 5 anak yang bertahan di tengah lingkungan yang berubah

Penulis: Dodi Rokhdian, Rita Artanti, Pudjiningtiyas, Sunarja, Arief Rachman, Ratnasari
Editor: Aditya Dipta Anindita
Epilog: Eka Budianta
Penerbit: Yayasan Obor Indonesia, 2006
ISBN: 979-461-597-8

[berita/undangan] Pameran: "Curhat Tita", Bandung, 5-22 Sept 2007

"Curhat Tita", dipamerkan di ARTSPACE 59, Jl. Merak 2, Bandung (dekat Gasibu, belakang gedung Telkom).
Pembukaan: Rabu, tgl 5 Sept 2007, pk. 18.59
Acara: demo gambar, diskusi, live performance Panas Dalam, dll.

Merchandise yg diangkat dari gambar2 Tita akan tersedia dalam bentuk T-shirt, pin, magnet, dll. Sampai ketemu di Bandung!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Exhibition: "Curhat Tita"

Start:     Sep 5, '07 7:00p
End:     Sep 22, '07
Location:     Jl. Merak 2, Bandung, Indonesia
All are invited! The opening, at Wednesday night, will be filled - among others - with a drawing demo (anyone is welcome to join), a discussion session, and Panas Dalam live performance.

T-shirts and other merchandise based on my drawings will be sold. There will also cool packages - each containing a comic (er.. drawing) book and a T-shirt - available for sale.

See you there!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding Album: Roosendaal, Oct 25th 1999

As most of you've known, I took care of our legal business (marriage status in Indonesia) a couple of months ago. Today I planned to put away all the archives and came across this album, so I just scan and upload it here for memory's sake. These photos are taken by Sybrand's younger brother, therefore he's nowhere to be seen in this album - but his other three siblings are visible.

Coming Soon: "Curhat Tita"

An exhibition of my works and merchandise at the new gallery of C-59 (called ArtSpace59). More info to come, as soon as I get more materials from the curator, our out-of-this-world PidiBaiq.

For non-Indonesian speakers: curhat is a slang, an abbreviation from CURahan HATi, which means pouring (one's) heart out. Curhat is usually done by confiding to someone you trust. In my case, I've been revealing my thoughts and feelings to pieces of paper and sketchbooks, in drawings. Since these drawings are what you'll see in this exhibition, it's only sensible to call the whole thing "my divulgence": tita's curhat.

The exhibition will be held from September 5th to 22nd, 2007. We haven't really decided yet about what to do during the opening, but some weird ideas have come up.

Watch this space - you might get a preview at every update.     

Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Notes

1. I'm really into GoodReads recently. Nice features, easy to use. I knew the site from G, who put the link in her Multiply (thanks, G! :D). I recommend this site to anyone who likes to read. Here's where I am:

2. The Kosasih Award event on Aug 16th brought me meeting friends and colleagues from the comics world. I dropped 10 ToT (A Taste of Tita) and 18 pins (Tita + 5 kinds of animals) to be sold at the venue (Bentara Budaya Jakarta), and gave 9 ToT (these ones are signed with silver pen at the covers) to Andy Wijaya, to be sold at his shop: ANJAYA BOOKS - ITC Kuningan, 4th floor. I got to bring home 5 copies of KONDE catalog (nicely printed!) and one copy of Cergam (KONDE special edition).

3. I visited my grandma at PI Hospital. She's still fluent and talkative in all Javanese, Indonesian and Dutch languages, although she doesn't remember my name nor whose daughter I am. I was amazed that we could have yummy(!) lunch delivered to grandma's room by simply calling the hospital's café - as with a hotel's room service.

4. I've been spending more than six intense months in this country taking care of bureaucracy business at several government offices. Among their similarities, which I find highly impractical, are:
  • When the documents you are applying for are finally issued, you will have to pick them up, and make copies of the documents for their archive before you leave. You will most likely end up walking out the building, out into the street, and looking for the nearest available copy shop. After making copies, you will have to re-enter the building, give them their copies and leave. I wonder if these offices really can't afford to own and operate a Xerox machine.
  • When the authorized persons - who supposed to sign your documents - are absent, you will have to wait until they come back. They might be on a sick leave, or on vacation, or on a tour of duty - whatever it is, no matter how long, you will have to wait. Why can't they assign a person in charge during the absence? I start to think that they just like the sensation of having people 'beg' for their signatures.       
5. Deadlines! ITB research proposals, Aug 27th. Preparations of my (solo) exhibition at the new gallery of C-59 (SPACE C59 at Jl. Merak 2, Bandung) that will be held on Sept 5th. (Mark the date! All are invited!). Classes at ITB will start on Aug 20th. Then there are some other projects..

6. Burning garbage at sidewalks on crisp early morning really irritates the hey out of me. Why anyone would ruin fresh morning air with thick, direct pollution is totally out of my understanding. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Church, Manner, Resepsi, Kids Say..

This is a long overdue series of events.

Kompor Mleduk Benyamin S.

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Author:The Creative Library
Warna sampulnya yang pink gonjreng membuatnya sulit dilewatkan begitu saja di display toko buku. Sudah pernah saya incar buku ini di suatu toko, lalu saya beli di toko lain begitu ada kesempatan berikut, dan saya tidak menyesal. Sebagai ABG 80an yang sudah terekspos ke karya2 Bang Ben sejak kecil, tentu saja saya familiar dengan tokoh yang satu ini. Hanya saja, perlu diakui, bahwa saya tidak tahu banyak tentang beliau hingga saya membaca buku ini.

Isinya mudah dibaca, terutama karena kayanya ilustrasi yang menyertai langkah demi langkah kisah hidup Bang Ben. Cuplikan pepatah dari Bang Ben dimunculkan dengan format khusus, bagai highlight untuk tiap2 bab. Buku ini dapat menjadi inspirasi melaui sikap dan idealisme Bang Ben dalam berkarya. Si Anak Betawi yang tidak pernah berpura-pura jadi orang lain, bahkan sebaliknya: terus berusaha mengukuhkan dirinya dan akar budayanya.

Format, pemilihan kertas dan kemasan buku ini lumayan bagus. Ada bonus pembatas buku di dalamnya. Coba bonusnya CD lagu2 Bang Ben, pasti lebih mantap lagi (hehe.. maunya :P). Quite recommended, terutama untuk penggemar Bang Ben!

And the award goes to..

..names that will be revealed tomorrow. Here's an invitation to the event:


Kamis, 16 Agustus 2007
Pk. 09.00 - 11.00 WIB
Galeri Utama
Bentara Budaya Jakarta
Jl Palmerah Selatan No 17 Jakarta Selatan

Penghargaan ini akan disaksikan langsung oleh Bpk RA Kosasih melalui Video Call

Kosasih Award 2007 memberikan 10 kategori penghargaan kepada karya-karya terbaik yang terbit selama kurun waktu 1997-2007. Ke-10 kategori meliputi:

-Komik Terbaik
-Cerita Terbaik
-Gambar Terbaik
-Sampul Terbaik
-Karakter Komik Terbaik
-Komik Indie Terbaik
-Komik Terapi Terbaik
-Komik Cyber Terbaik
-Majalah Terbaik
-Kritik/ Tulisan Komik Terbaik

Acara ini terbuka untuk umum.
Undangan dapat diambil di:

Anjaya Books
ITC Kuningan Lt.4 Blok B-1 No.9-11
Jakarta Selatan

Akademi Samali
(CP: Mini)
Jl. Mampang Prapatan XVI/28
Jakarta Selatan

Masyarakat Komik Indonesia
Jl H Samali No 39
Jakarta Selatan

And here's an announcement about those who are nominated. I was truly surprised that this http://esduren is included in the list. I'm flattered by the appreciation. Which reminds me, it's about time I update the Photo section..

Dear all,

Mungkin anda belum pada tahu bahwa bersamaan dengan Festival Komik Indonesia Satu Dekade (KONDE) 9-18 Agustus 2007 di Bentara Budaya Jakarta, juga akan ada acara Kosasih Award 2007. Acara ini adalah pemberian penghargaan & apresiasi dalam 10 kategori. Karya-karya yang dipilih adalah mereka yang terbit dalam kurun waktu 1997-2007, dan dinobatkan sebagai yang terbaik dalam kategorinya masing-masing.

Menentukan 10 kategori bukanlah pekerjaan mudah. Ke-10 kategori ditentukan berdasarkan aspek kreativitas dan inovasi, serta sektor yang mendukung, yang pada akhirnya berperan penting dalam perkembangan industri komik Indonesia. Kategorisasi sempat terpikir lebih dari 10, namun saat ini kesiapan bahan terkumpul, kesiapan panitia, serta jaringan informasi belumlah memadai. Terbuka kemungkinan untuk menambah kategorisasi kelak, seiring dengan kematangan persiapan penyelenggara dan perkembangan zaman.

Proses yang lebih sulit lagi ialah menentukan para nominator dan pemenang untuk setiap kategori. Setelah definisi untuk setiap kategori disusun, maka pekerjaan berikutnya adalah menentukan nominasinya. Kurun waktu 10 tahun menghasilkan ratusan komik bermutu. Dalam KONDE 2007, tim kurator akhirnya menentukan 30 judul komik terpilih untuk merepresentasikan wajah satu dekade. Dari 30 judul ini, lalu diseleksi lagi berdasarkan kategori penghargaan. Tentu saja debat argumen beradu diatas (dan diluar) meja tim
kurator. Tapi inilah proses yang harus dilampaui.

Dibawah ini adalah daftar para nominator 10 kategori Kosasih Award. Jika tak ada halangan, pemberian penghargaan akan disampaikan di Bentara Budaya Jakarta, 16 Agustus 2007. Penyelenggaraan dibantu oleh Telkomsel (penyediaan piala Sri Asih terbuat dari perak dan buku katalog), yang pada kesempatan yang sama akan menandatangani MOU dengan komunitas komik Indonesia untuk kerjasama komik ponsel yang akan datang. Juga akan ada video conference langsung dari kediaman pak R.A Kosasih dengan lokasi acara, dimana Bapak Komik Indonesia akan menyampaikan sambutannya.

Here goes....

1. Menjual Komik Indonesia: Paham dan Salah Paham, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Kompas, 1 November 2000
2. Komik dan Kenyataan, Hikmat Darmawan, Koran Tempo Minggu, suplemen Ruang Baca, 24 Juni 2007
3. Sastra Film dalam Komik Teguh Santosa, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Kompas, 15 Desember 2002

1. Wizard Indonesia
2. Sequen
3. Splash

1. Tita's Playground, Dwinita Larasati,
2. Gibug dan Oncom, Wisnoe Lee,

1. Mereka Yang Mengungsi, Candra Gautama dan Nur Zain Hae, Baris Baru dan Oxfam GB, 2002
2. Keberanian, Harapan dan Cita-cita, Mario Diaz, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
3. Pak Gempa, Endik Koeswoyo dan Diyan Bijac, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
4. Mat Jagung, Radhar Panca Dahana, Diyan Bijac, Widyartha & Akademi Samali, Koran Tempo Minggu, 2006 s/d sekarang
5. Asa, Azisa Noor, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007

1. Old Skull, Atonk, 2003
2. Fight Me, Eko Nugroho, 2004
3. Cinta Itu Bullsyit, Djair Warni, 2007
4. Canberra, Rowal, n/a
5. Jangan Takut, Kompilasi, 2006

1. Tekyan, Yudi dan Arief, Balai Pustaka, 2000
2. Gina (vol. 2) nomor 1, Gerdi WK, Kelompok Penggemar Gina, 2005
3. Amien Rais: Jejak Langkah Bersejarah, A. Luqman dan Gelar Soetopo, Nirmana, 1999
4. The Konyol, Eko Nugroho, Orakel, 2005
5. Mereka Yang Mengungsi, Candra Gautama dan Nur Zain Hae, Baris Baru dan Oxfam GB, 2002

1. Tidur Panjang, Beng Rahadian, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
2. Keberanian, Harapan dan Cita-cita, Mario Diaz, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
3. Karung Mutiara Al-Ghazali, Hermawan dan Jitet Koestana, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, 1997
4. Panggil Aku Wartini Saja, Mail dan Cahyo Baskoro, n/a

1. Yellow Mellow, Endjink, 2006
2. Tidur Panjang, Beng Rahadian, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
3. Keberanian, Harapan dan Cita-cita, Mario Diaz, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
4. Tekyan, Yudi dan Arief, Balai Pustaka, 2000

1. Hamid, Tekyan, Yudi dan Arief, Balai Pustaka, 2000
2. Pak Gempa, Pak Gempa, Endik Koeswoyo dan Diyan Bijac, Kompilasi Jogja 5,9 SR, Arus Kata Press, 2007
3. Sukab, Sukab: Intel Melayu, Seno Gumira Ajidarma dan Zacky, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, 2002
4. Kapten Kilat Khusus, Oyas, Iput dan Ipot, Kompilasi the Factory Outlet Boys, Terrant Books, 2004

1. Tekyan, Yudi dan Arief, Balai Pustaka, 2000
2. Panggil Aku Wartini Saja, Mail dan Cahyo Baskoro, n/a
3. Suatu Saat Sebelum dan Sesudah Si Dul Mati, Didoth, n/a

Siapakah pemenang masing-masing kategori Kosasih Award 2007? Siapa
nominator yang anda unggulkan? Nantikan seremoni Kosasih Award 2007,
tgl 16 Agustus nanti di Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

a/n Tim Kurator Kosasih Award 2007
Surjorimba Suroto, Ade Darmawan, Hartono Soenarto & Arief Ash-Shiddiq