Saturday, October 31, 2009

SEVEN: Draw Your Days!

An event held by CAB, a publisher who concentrates on graphic diary, where everyone can participate. It's where everyone can draw his or her days, one page each day, for seven consecutive days.

Basically anyone. You don't have to be an artist or someone who's good at drawing. As long as you are eager to tell your stories in words as well as drawings, you're in!

The drawings can be day-to-day happenings during the week, dreams, desires, or whatever comes to mind when your pen hits the paper (or the tablet).
Optionally - especially for those in Bandung - since this first SEVEN is held during Helarfest2009, it would also be nice if the keywords of your drawings include "creativity" and "Bandung".

All participants are to start their drawings on Nov 7. One page for one day, until Nov 14. In total, everyone will have 7 pages of drawings.
On Nov 15 we'll gather for a small exhibition, an informal discussion session and the launch of the new CAB website.

All works will be displayed online, so there's no 'real' place. But you are most welcome to arrange the event in your own communities or cities.
(In Bandung, the venue for Nov 15 gathering will be informed as soon as it is confirmed)

If you'd like to participate, you are encouraged to upload your drawings on your own Blogs, which will be linked to CAB website. Alternately, you can also send your drawings to CAB [email], to be uploaded on CAB website.

More detailed information, coming up!

Click here to access SEVEN at Facebook

1. Go on with your day as you normally would on Nov 7
2. At the middle- or the end of the day, record anything that you think worth memorizing, or simply noting down.
3. The 'note' can be in the form of drawings, collage, clips from magazines, receipts and ticket stubs, anything! It could also be a digital drawing.
4. The length of the 'note' - or, let's say, your "graphic diary" - can be one page for each day
5. Upload the page on your own website or blog (please send us the URL so we can link it to CAB website) -OR- scan and send the page to CAB, to this address
6. Repeat daily, until Nov 14, so each of you would have made 7 pages
7. Enjoy! :)

1. Jalankan keseharian seperti biasa pada tanggal 7 Nov
2. Catatlah peristiwa, pemikiran, impian hari itu, yang berkesan dan dirasa patut dikenang
3. 'Catatan' tersebut dapat berupa gambar, kolase, potongan majalah, bon dan karcis, apapun! Bisa juga berupa gambar digital.
4. Panjangnya 'catatan' tersebut - atau "graphic diary" tersebut - cukup sebanyak satu halaman
5. Upload halaman tersebut di situs atau blog masing-masing (tolong beritahu URLnya agar bisa ditautkan ke situs CAB) -ATAU- scan dan kirimkan halamannya ke CAB, ke alamat
6. Ulangi setiap harinya hingga tanggal 14 Nov, jadi setiap orang akan membuat 7 halaman
7. Selamat menikmati! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The International 24 Hour Comics Day challenge happened on October 3. I made the first 13 pages but couldn't make it to 24 that day due to lots of happenings (2 guests, 1 outing, 1 shopping trip). I continued until the last page reeeally slowly and was determined to finish it up on Oct 24: The International Climate Action Day!

These pages were all made spontaneously, without prior sketches and/or storyboards, so please apologize any misspelling of names and/or organizations, and if the story is a bit jumbled and not well-structured.