Thursday, October 28, 2004

basically nothing

It's been a loooong time since I've posted anything here. In fact, it's been a long time since I even visited this account of mine. If I wonder why.. not because I don't have anything to write. No, in the contrary. Maybe because I don't have enough time. Yes, right, time! Now if I wonder again.. where have all the times gone? Is it to my study, for my kids and all the household works? Not really..
O-K. This one is a meaningless babble. Next time better. See you all some time (if there's any left)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The container is the message

It was yesterday that we came back from Aachen. Yet, everybody is still tired from the trip - and I haven't even done unpacking. The whole stories aren't worth telling here, but there are two things that might have impressed me the most. Both have to do with 'environmentally-friendly' materials.

The first thing is the cups they use (at the university) to serve during the coffee break. Unlike in Holland, here they use paper cups. Neat design, and just enough to serve their purpose. I like to think that the waste will be (fully?) degradable, but I don't like to think about the (raw) materials that are needed to produce these cups. It will become an endless dilema until someone makes a quantitative environmental calculations concerning all these.

The second thing is the small container they use in the Jugendg�sthaus' breakfast room. There are bowls full of two kinds of jam and chocolate paste. People who would like to have either of these for their bread can take a small container next to the bowls and fill it with whatever they chose. Now, these containers are made of waffers. Exactly like the one you have for your ice cream cone.
Hey, what a clever idea. Once you have finished smearing your jam or chocolate paste on your bread, and there's nothing left on the container, you can just eat it! No waste! I like this one (despite the fact that I DO like eating, anyway).

So, that's all for now. Hope I have more time to write more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Chat, Chatter, Chattest

Looong long time ago I installed Yahoo Messenger on my iMac. Then I forgot about it and never used it ever and finally removed it from my computer.


One day, more than a year after I joined Jalansutra mailing list, I installed that chatting program again. See if I have time for it. A few days after, there's an invitation to join a "conference" by userf5. I didn't get it at first.. conference? Where? Who? What?!
Then came a message from the same person: "Don't you want to join Jalansutra chatroom?". I would like to, but how? There supposed to be a window opening after I click "Join" but there wasn't. So we tried again and finally succeeded.

There. That was the first time. And it goes on, up to today. Everyday a Jalansutra chatroom opens, usually hosted by the same "userf5" and is getting more and more chatter (especially since it was announced at the mailing list).
I like to drop by the chatroom as much as I can. Seems like my day isn't complete without it. I'll have to tone my habit down a bit, so I can concentrate on my work: research and household stuff.

Here I am now, an addict to a chatroom.

Sunday, October 3, 2004

"Garage Sale"

Yesterday we went to Raamgracht 58, where a "Garage Sale" took place. No, it's not a regular garage sale where you get 2nd-hand stuff for cheaper price. Instead, it's a showroom-kind-of-thing for Dutch (comic) artists. A friend of ours, Peter Giljam and his Buzzworks also had a space there (he's the one who notified us about this).

We parked our bikes right in front of the 'galery', where the gate was open wide. I bought 6 buttons from Buzzworks (1 Eur/button, 5 Eur/6 buttons) since now there's that Shamrock's "eye" button that Motul wants. Also the Shamrock's "Spoofy". We got another 'Blingies' from Peter and I took free postcards by Femke (for Motul).
Looking around, I saw that all T-shirt costs 25 Eur (expensive), except the ones by Shamrock, hanging on one side of the walls. Packaged shirts for 15 Eur, 20 Eur and 25 Eur plus 'troep'. I rightaway chose the 15 Eur one for Motul (again!).

Other stuff are pillows to sit on, in the shape of a square 'word baloon' with "Sit on it!" written on it. Gimmick such as pen holder, purse, fluffy key hanger and stuff. Cards and stickers. Prints. All unique, witty-crazy fun design. Some I would wear, some I won't even though I am given it for free.

Afterwards we dropped by a friend's place which is just around the corner. Then back again to the Garage Sale and then homeward. So that's how we spent our Saturday afternoon.