Sunday, December 31, 2006

Five things you don't know about me (..yet)

Started by Tita, it's my turn now to note these things down.

1. Similar to Venny, I'm the kind of person who won't say anything until am spoken to. In big social functions, I mostly nod and smile, while trying to look occupied by other things such as drawing or reading - as far as courtesy permits.

2. I only had one traffic accident in my life. I was about 10, cycling home from school. At an intersection, when I was crossing, a Toyota Kijang 'pick up' hit me. Not hard, but enough to make me fall off my bike. I didn't feel pain and didn't say anything. The Kijang people (two men) asked me questions and maybe offered to take me home. The scene started to attract onlookers, which only made me more confused. I suddenly pulled up my bike (which wasn't harmed) and sped home, leaving the ring of crowds.
I didn't say anything to anyone about the accident when I got home, but my mother soon noticed a big wound on my left knee. She had to fish out the story from me with difficulties, for I wanted to do was sleeping and forgetting the whole thing (didn't succeed here, did I?).

3. I was a grumpy teenager - well, maybe up to my early 20s, when people thought I was fierce. For instance, I used to be made into the head of girls' 'security section' for an 'orientation period' (for first year students), whose job is mainly to 'discipline' the newcomers.

4. The clubs I joined during my senior high school and university years? I wasn't good at any of them. In the basketball club, I have always been a spare part - not the 6th player but perhaps the 13th or 14th. In the Balinese culture club, I know I can't dance as graceful or as supple as my peers. But nevermind; I've always enjoyed the company and the teamwork.

5. I used to be afraid of my brother. Maybe I still am, on a different level. I still find it difficult to be opiniated, or to speak up my mind freely, partly due to this fact. I think.

It's about one hour approaching 2007 now - shall I continue with a resolution thing as asked by Peter? :)

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Counting my blessings in 2006:
  • I got to go to concerts: Sparks and Strips in Stereo. This kind of things has become a luxury for me since our first child was born, because it's not easy to find a day/night off with these kids around. Then, I got to watch Mirrormask at the opening of Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (this one is not played in mainstream movie theatres) in one of those 'free' nights of mine.
  • Even more of a novelty: I got to travel by myself to Barcelona! I was invited to give a lecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and stayed there for 2 nights. The lecture itself went for about two hours; the rest was for fun. Once in a while I could really use this kind of selfishness.
  • My family visited us! My father came and spent a couple of days during his trip to Germany and Qatar. My mother and my cousin Chica and her daughter Luna came in summer for a couple of weeks. Those were some memorable moments!
  • It's the final year of my doctoral study. I finally finished my dissertation. Aside from that, I managed to have some of my drawings published as a part of three different books.
  • Sybrand resigned from his two jobs due to our moving plan to Indonesia. His former colleagues held a farewell party especially for us. That was a touching moment, realizing that all those people came only to greet us and wish us a good life in the future.
  • Dhanu and Lindri are growing healthy and happy.

Resolution for 2007:
  • Settle down in Bandung - not only the staying permit of Sybrand and the kids, but also my employment status and such. Start working as much as possible; especially getting used to the university life in Bandung again (it is different from Delft).
  • Get Dhanu and Lindri their dual citizenship rights. Get Sybrand his proper staying permit (temporary stay visa), which is valid for one year.
  • Get Dhanu (and perhaps Lindri) into a decent and affordable (pre)school. I'm honestly still clueless about this, but hopefully can get to know more once we visit the possible options in Bandung.
  • Start building our house on 'the land', using the sustainable housing concept and guideline of my dissertation. Start developing a village- or household-scale waste management system to produce compost or fertilizer. Grow herb or fruit orchard on our land.
  • Keep drawing. Get a good Internet connection and keep blogging.
  • Keep cycling from home to work, like I used to when I was still a student.
  • Back to the habit of swimming everyday. If it's not possible, then at least 2-3 times a week, at Sabuga swimming pool.
This will surely be a busy year.


  1. Detailed resolutions for 2007, I see....Wishing you all the best in those endeavours and hope we will still be in contact from 2007 onwards :*]

  2. kunantikan kedatanganmu kembali, tita! :D
    *selamat 2007!

  3. Balik kandang ya Non??? Wwweeeeiiiii, asyik nya... Semoga smua urusan perkertasan dimudahkan dan dilancarkan. Amien...
    *jadi pengen ikutan pulang kandang neh*
    Ops, met taon baru untuk Tita dan keluarga...

  4. Tita, tahun depan akan membawa 'angin' yang benar2 berbeda buat lo dan keluarga yah! Gua bantu dalam doa, semoga angin ini adalah angin baik yang akan membuat kalian sekeluarga sehat dan bahagia di tanah air. Selamat tahun baru Tita!

  5. Selamat Tahun Baru !
    *ngakak liat Lindri pake mahkota Garfieldnya*

  6. Wah, bener, pasti thn 2007 bakal sibuk tp pasti asyik juga. :D

    met taun baru buat Tita, sampe ketemu di Jakarta (ato Bandung?)

  7. Huahahahahahaha, untung talent elo yg ini gak sampai di'spot' sama perusahaannya Chica, hahaha :))

    Gue seneng banget tuh 'count your blessing' yg no. 6. Sometimes we forget that the simplest thing is actually the greatest blessing :D

    Semoga diberkati dengan banyak kesabaran untuk 2007! *liat dari list elo, kayaknya perlu :p*

  8. Tita: Thanks! Sure, I think as long as Internet is around, keeping in touch won't be a problem!

    Nef: Ntar gue balik, elu lagi yg jalan2.. hahaha..

    Lienott: Iyaa masup kandang lagi, udah kelamaan roaming :P Terima kasih, dan sama2 selamat tahun baru!

    Peter: Terima kasih doanya. Sepertinya memang support dan doa ini yg paling perlu buat menghadapi sibuk2 taun 2007 ini :D

    Chic: Itu dia lagi 'make face' juga lho padahal, lambene mecucu

    Lita: Met taun baru juga, ketemuan di Jakarta dan Bandung juga gue gak takut! :D

    Ven: Pas itu untuuung perusahaan Chica belom ada.. hahaha.. (Chica tau nggak ya, papanya kl gak salah pernah nawarin gue jadi wanpol jaman gue masih SMP dulu? :D).
    Trims Ven, benar, hasil dari latihan anger management akan sangat teruji.. hihi..

  9. you do have beautiful children. lindri sama dhanu umurnya sudah berapa ya?
    asik deh mau kebandung.. iri hati..hehe.. sounds like its gonna be a wonderful and exciting life for you and your family there :)

  10. asikasikasik....bisa ketemuan lagi dunk di bandung tita happy new year juga ya...semoga resolusinya terwujud.mau tahu resolusi mas agam....mau kuyussssssssss hahaha agak berat ya

    salam dari soroako

  11. good internet connection dari rumah itu yg agak susah kalau balik ke indo ..hehe
    ikut meng-aminkan ya mbak Tita, ditunggu kepulangannya ke Indo :)

  12. Selamat Taun Baru yaaa...
    sayang gak bisa ketemu nih kalo balik ke Indo...

  13. Tk: Thank you :) Lindri is 3 and Dhanu just turned 6. It's an exciting prospect indeed; wish you meet you all in Bandung, too! :)

    Tia: Sama-sama slamat taun baru! "Ngurangin berat badan" buatku udah bukan resolusi lagi sepertinya, tapi wajib! Hahaha! Salam yaa..

    Shant: Iya nih, apalagi saking udah kemanjaan saluran wuss.. wuss.. di sini :P Trims yaa.. Selamat menanti2 datangnya si mungil ke dunia, semoga lancar!

    CakNo: Lha kok gak bisa ketemu? Emang CakNo mau ke mana? (Malang aja sih dekeett)

  14. Happy, happy new year dear! May all your wishes & dreams (thanks to sandman hehehe) come true!

  15. Selamat Tahun Baru juga Tita. You're kids are so cute. Balik ke Indo??? Wah semoga sukses di sana ya, & semoga urusan utk dual citizen buat anak2 elu juga cepat selesai. Ngomong2 kalo balik ke Indo nanti, anak2 elu dikejar2 ditawarin jadi model tuh, kan kalo di Indo muka Indo laris lo ha ha ha.........

  16. Good internet connection di Bandung, Ta ? tergantung lokasi ya, ada yang sudah kejangkau speedy, ada yang bisa pake cable.
    Speedy so far OK sih, dan cukup cepat.

    Happy New Year, Taa .. semoga resolusi loe tercapai semua diakhir tahun 2007 nanti :)

  17. happy new year! new beginnings, new joy.
    wow, are they ur children? they're so cute...

  18. lex: thanks to morpheus, indeed! haha!

    christy: terima kasih, iya, sudah hampir pulang nih :) amin - mudah2an urusan status WN itu bisa lancar..

    el: yup, udah terlanjur terbuai lancarnya internet nih gue.. hihi.. nanti pasti segera set up yg tokcer di rumah. trims ya el!

    rieke: likewise, wish you a pleasant year, too! yes, these are my kids. thank you :)

  19. wah, resolusi-nya seru dan pragmatis. semoga beneran terlaksana semua. ntar setahun lagi ta' cek :)
    lihat anak2mu aku jadi pingin bikin anak.... terus besanan... hahaha.

  20. Haha asik, bakal ketamuan Mer setaun lagiii..
    Hayuk besanan, masih sempet kok direncanakan :))

  21. Happy Belated New Year! Cute kids Tita.....and good luck in your dissertation....wished I had furthered my regretting that keenly.

  22. welcome back Ta...! Salut juga sama elu masih mau balik.. :) at least elu ngak di Jakarta bu, macet abeessss!