Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Right to Not Read

"By making time to read, like making time to love,
we expand our time for living"

- Pennac

A nice thought to enter 2007. Not that we (I and most of you, my contacts whom I know in person) need encouragement to read, but here's a nice review in the Guardian for a book about the right to not read: Josh Lacey on Daniel Pennac's The Rights of the Reader. From that site, you can download this poster of Pennac's manifesto: the 10 rights that should be granted to all readers (it's full of Quentin Blake's drawings, people! Of course I couldn't resist :D)

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Thanks to the blog of Eddie Campbell, which directed me to this site.


  1. This is soooo cute! It'd be great to buy a copy of this poster, frame it, and put it beside my bookshelf as a reminder that it is within my right not to finish books I hate :p.

  2. that's exactly my plan! you can download the poster, save it in a disk and have it printed (in colour!) in a copy shop!

  3. I looooooove Quentin Blake !
    *jadi inget, aku belum kelar2 baca buku Going Solo-nya Roald Dahl*

  4. yeah.. books you hate don't deserve to be read till the end.. or some books you just want to stop reading at a particular point and repeat it over and over again cause its just so great to just linger :). We have the right to do whatever we want with our books (some i just use as a non-reading utensil such as for paper weight or ganjelan lemari yg udah mau rubuh..:D).

  5. How opportune! With my short attention span, I'm prone to No. 1) and 3).
    This interesting book may just be something I need to enjoy 4)!

  6. hadu!
    Oom ( apa Opa ya kalo dia?) Quentin itu masih ada nggak ya?

  7. Ju: Itulah, makanya langsung download.. heheh

    Chic: You have the right to not finish a book lho ;))

    Tk: Books I can't stand, I gave them away :) It's good to have 2nd hand book kiosks nearby and it's also good to know where those kiosks dump their unsold books :D

    Tita: Yes, this manifesto is for everyone! I also plan to look for it..

    Bert: Masih ada sepertinya. Coba sowani Pakde Blake di situsnya ini: