Sunday, February 17, 2008

Re-United : Re-Told in SPARX #2

An old story of mine, Re-United, is published in SPARX Vol.1 No.2, which should be available in newspaper/magazine kiosks this week. Re-United was published earlier in an anthology that commemorates the Jogja earthquake disaster, in a denser form (only one page). Here, the story is extended into eight pages - but still holding the same content. I redrew the whole story; elaborating each panel into a bigger frame.

A brief profile of mine, as a quest artist, is featured in the magazine. Some mistakes occur in the details, but never mind - they aren't that crucial. A portrait accompanied the profile, too, and (if I'm not mistaken) the credit goes to Ermita, who took that picture during her last visit to Bandung (January 2008 - here is her album).

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