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Entering the Year of the Rat

Happy New Year to all who celebrate and wish you long-lasting health and prosperity! I was born in the Year of the Rat, and the chance to be in 'my year' comes only every 12 years. So let's make a bit of a fuss out of it..

The Rat
Being born a Rat is nothing to be ashamed of (I'm NOT! I like nibbling!). In China, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person. It is deemed an honor to be born in the Year of the Rat and it is considered a privilege to be associated with a Rat. Rats know exactly where to find solutions (Google!) and can take care of themselves and others without problems. They use their instinctive sense of observation to help others in times of need and are among the most fit of all the Animal signs to survive most any situation (like a cocroach with its head off?).

Years of the Rat
First in the cycle (The first, huh. My other sign is also the first in the cycle: Capricorn! How about that?), Rat Years begin the sequence and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Rat year actually begins.

The Sign of the Rat
Being born under this sign determines many talents, as well as other characteristics that may not be so commendable (but of course). Rats are very lively and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. They can be calm and perceptive, but sometimes their brains can cause a mental restlessness, tempting them to take on too much, only to discover they are unable to meet their commitments (and Rats find it difficult to refuse an offer and say NO to requests). Rats are blessed with one of the best intellects going. Add to their intelligence a curiosity and a bright imagination, and they seem as sharp as a needle.

The sign of the Rat is the first sign in the cycle giving Rat people exude great leadership qualities and are good at taking the lead (quietly). They don't mind a lot of responsibility and they demonstrate a strong presence that other people respect. For those with the Rat nature, status and monetary satisfaction are the greatest motivation (materialistic rats!).

Neil Rat by Lisa Snellings

People born in the Year of the Rat share certain characteristics. The Rat sign is an abbreviated way of characterizing that individual's personality. Following are features associated with the sign of the Rat. First in order, Chinese name-SHU (care to Chinese-name me, anyone?), sign of charm (invisible)
Hour-11pm-12:59am (we're nocturnal nibblers alright) Month-December (hey, my birth month!)
Western Counterpart-Sagittarius

Smart, Magnetic, Well-liked, Affable, Quick-witted, Surreptitious, Selfish, Protective, Calculating (just all characters you can see in lab mice)

The characteristics of the Rat Sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle. (Mine is WATER, so let's just take that part, as follows:)
Being guided by the Water element means these Rats have a knack for influencing people. With their strong intellectual powers and great insight, they are also great puzzle solvers (FYI, I still haven't solved that three-dimensional wooden puzzle after all these months). They are quick to understand others and are incredibly practical people. Rats apply their talents to their everyday lives, making them obliging, generous and compassionate to other people. Generally, they are liked and respected by everyone. Like all Rats, however, they can be determined to seek their own gain, and will not mind using these talents to achieve it - though generally without losing anyone's respect in doing so.

The affect of the sign of the Rat is energetic, and demonstrates enough endurance to fight most any sickness. Yet, all Rats tend to be tense, full of nervous energy, petulant and prone to stress. Rats also harbor a bit of aggression; yet, they are usually able to control it. Yoga would benefit Rats by calming their aggressive natures and helping them manage stress (read that?! yoga!).

Rats make good homemakers who are always willing to do household chores (except ironing). Rats are not usually interested in keeping up with the times, and it doesn't matter to them whether or not their furnishings are in style (you got it right). What does matter is that their home is a refuge expressing warmth, comfort and vogue. Light blue is their color of choice for home decor (therefore Tintin posters are oftenly chosen to decorate walls). Because this is a sign of acquisition, the Rat person's house is presumably bursting with various knick-knacks collected over the years (Tell me about it! The term 'rat pack' doesn't exist for nothing!). Most Rats are cheerful, domesticated (and house-broken) individuals who find happiness at home with their family (and [comic] books collection and Internet).

The Chinese say others should always listen to the advice of the Rat. Because of their intellect and observatory powers, Rat people possess prudence and perception. They can anticipate problems, and are always able to see the big picture. They can hone in on issues at hand and make measurable judgments. These skills, combined with their sense of aspiration also make them clever operators. Status, money, title, and recognition are important to the (some) Rat. They have keen senses of observation that allow them to foresee upcoming business opportunities as well as potential occupational problems. The Rat makes a better boss than an employee and, although motivated, they can be pinned down by routines. Rats work better in flexible situations where they can be freely creative. (no complain here :D)

Cunning and thrifty, Rats have a knack with money and are apt to save for rainy days. When capable, the Rat is a great money saver, and in strapped times he knows how to make something out of nothing or how to turn make things advantageous for himself. Although few Rats suffer financially, the Chinese have a proverb: They who pile up grain hoards have much to lose. (in organizations, since my elementary school years up to today, I've been elected mostly as a treasurer, or someone in charge for money, and I never wonder why)

Those born in the Year of the Rat also share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. The occupations best suited for the Rat are listed below:
Writers, Broadcasters (not for me, I talk too fast), Actors (seriously? I could never stop laughing during a mere school play practice), Advisors, Counselors, Lawyers (and memorizing all those bills and years? no thank you), Politicians (I can do the poker face, but can't stand the game), Designers, Engineers, Managers, Directors, Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Stand-up Comedians (I opt to be the audience for this one), Researchers, Historians (meh..), Race Car Drivers (do I have to get a license for this?)

Whether Rats are compatible with their business partners depends on whether their signs are harmonious or antagonistic to those of their partners. Considering the congruity of their own characters and the characters of their business colleagues can also be very useful.
Rats Ruled By Benefit From Are Antagonistic to
Metal Earth Dragons Fire Sheep
Water Metal Rabbits Earth Horses
Wood Water Monkeys Metal Snakes
Fire Wood Oxen Water Rats
Earth Fire Pigs Wood Roosters
(I've never been aware of any Metal Rabbit around me, but I know an Earth Horse: my sister. So, no family business for us, huh, sis?)

Since Rats are born under the same Animal sign, they often share likes and dislikes. Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Rats personality:
Rats Like:
Color Preference: Light-Blue (and olive green and wine red)
Gems and Stones: Diamond, Amethyst, Garnet
Suitable Gifts: car accessories (but first get me a car), art books (too many of these already.. alternate to comic books, please. it's also art), gym memberships (and cool gym pants), geographical maps (with valid tickets to get to places I see at the maps)
Hobbies and Pastimes: Interior design (don't make me laugh), playing basketball (although never being good at it), crafts (regardless the messy results), painting (a bit more patience would help to perform this hobby)
Rats' Dislike:
Doing without things they want (savoury snacks! haha!), strict time keeping (who can keep time when it involves traffic jam and unpredictable kids?!), any routines (I want different breakfast every day!), being at the end of the line (lemme go first to get everything over with!)

Travel delights the Rat personality and ignites his curiosity. Sunbathing is not the ideal way for a Rat to spend his vacation (you got it right). Rats are adventurers (and consequently need sturdy, cool backpacks). They want to explore, examine, visit and party during their time off. They want to try new foods, find new sights and experience the culture of the area they are visiting. And, of course, if they can come home with an exotic souvenir (i.e. bills written in local tongue, train tickets and chocolate bar wrappers) to add to their collection their vacation will have been an instant success.

Generally friendly and sociable, the Rat is one of the extroverts of the Animal Zodiac. Often, the Rat is lively and genial, and has a special gift for easing the minds of others. It is not surprising that Rats have a lot of friends. They are great speakers and intriguing conversationalists, and can generally find something to say on just about any topic or subject (talkative!). Of course, there is always that renowned Rat lure that allows them to charm the pants off of people! To the people they love, Rats can be amazingly charitable, popular and supportive, and will go out of their way to be certain their loved ones are content. On the other hand, if the Rat does not like someone, he is considered fair game and can be used to achieve any and all of the Rat's desires. At the end of the day, though, the Rat is a loyal friend (seriously, this aspect has caused me some problems, bordering to protectiveness towards good friends) and will be there for his companions through thick and thin.

Compatible Friends: Dragons (my son) and Monkeys (my mother)
Mortal Enemy: Horses (my sister)

Rat parents are dedicated to their children (who isn't?!). They encompass their little ones with love and attention and enjoy watching their offspring grow and experience the world. When their children are small they brood a great deal over them. Rats become concerned if their babies don't develop as quickly as other children. They anguish over whether or not they are raising their youngsters correctly (as long as it's proportional). With the mental capacity to pick things up easily, Rats tend to get agitated with people who are not quite as quick-witted as they are. No wonder this trait could lead to conflict between Rat parents and their children should any of their children be late bloomers or harbor learning disabilities (hope not). Overall, Rats are indulgent parents who don't like denying their youngsters of things they want, and the children soon learn how to wrap their parents around their little fingers (we'll see about THAT).

Rat * Ox (my husband)
Very sexually enticing, yet likely to fail at marriage. (pffft!)
(I'm a Capricorn, so here it is:)
Industrial and tenacious, Capricorn Rats are profoundly enterprising and make substantial progress in their occupations. These people expect their dedication to be rewarded. They may not be that sentimental, but they are loyal and honest (shall I just be a dog?).

Source: some silly site that "help couples get together" 
Image source: various Internet sites. have fun identifying these favourite famous rats of mine!


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  4. Wah sama dong, was born in year of the Rat too!

    Cancerian Rats like to be individuals and to stand out. Material things are important to them, but what they value their family more than anything else.

    Hahaha mungkin lebih pas: "Family is important to them, but what they value Material things more than anything else."

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