Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'Oh, you'll get the 1000 from me..'

To anyone who keeps track of my legalization business (here's the previous entry).

After acquiring confirmations from an authorized personel at DisDuk, I proceed to PN again yesterday (Monday) morning. It's so early that Bu Mm wasn't there yet. Here's my chance. I told one of the two officers who were already hanging there to process my request. He accepted my documents: original and copies, and told me to come back after lunch hour because that morning they got an inspection visit from the High Court.
On my way out, just when I put one foot in an angkot, Bu Mm came in a becak. "Hey, where're you going? Is your business done here?" she called. "Yes! All taken care of!" I shouted back and waved.

I came back at one a clock. There was Bu Mm again, behind her desk, summoning me to come and sit accross her. I explained what the personel at DisDuk told me, and she listened, nodding her head. "See, this is why you should make sure first. Then we can get the information, too!". What, I thought, you - government institutions - don't inform each other about the coordination of your laws and I am the one who should confirm, going back and forth to your offices?! Anyway..
The staff who took care of my documents turned up and gave them to me. It turned out that I only got the legalization of the copies of my documents. But (of course) no legalization or letter of recognition of our marriage, yet. In order to acquire the latter, I have to make an application letter.

"Fine", I said, "I'll make it now and come back tomorrow with the letter". But a female staff (Bu Im - Bu Mm is already out of the picture now) said that this letter should be made properly and according to court rules. "Do you have an example, or a form, that I can imitate?" I asked. "No, because your case is rare", she continued, "Let's let one of our staffs work on it. You only need to give him a tip". Seems like I didn't have any choice here but let them do it. I was told to come back the next day.

That was today, Tuesday, at 10:00. Bu Im saw me and came to me with the application letter. It does look official (but not impressive). I need to put a 'meterai' (stamp) and sign the letter. Then the application letter and a copy had to be approved by the head of their division (Perdata section). In the meantime, I need to put meterai on all the copied documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) and have these meterai-on-copies legalized by the post office, too - the big one in Alun-alun.

It took two angkots and a length of walk along Asia Afrika Street until I reached the big post office. Surprisingly the business here went well. I just had to buy the meterai at one of the front counters (6000 IDR each), while asking the officer about legalization. I followed his direction: I went to the back part of the counters and looked for Pak Asep. There he was, behind his desk, and he understood the procedure. I sticked one meterai on each copy, then he gave at least 3 'stempel's and his own signature on each meterai. No extra charge; I just left after saying "Thank you".

It was around 11:30 when I returned to PN. I handed over my documents back to Bu Im, who then wrote a receipt (ah! kuitansi does exist!) while saying that I had to pay 10.000 IDR for the folder and 265.000 for applying this case to court.
[About the folder: it is common here that everytime you apply something to a public service office, you'll have to buy a folder that contains forms, etc. The price varies: one manila folder from DisDuk costs 3000 IDR, one at KanIm costs 5000 IDR, a folder for nationality application at HukHAM costs 50.000 IDR. There's never any receipt for this.]

I paid the 265.000 IDR already at the 'cashier' desk, next to where Bu Im wrote the receipt. Then Bu Im handed it to the cashier lady, who then handed it to me. I asked, "It's written here 259.000 IDR. There's 6000 IDR difference. Where does it go?". The cashier answered loudly so Bu Im could hear it, too, "That's for our archive fee. It's 5000 IDR. Didn't Bu Im tell you?". "No. But that's OK. And what about the 1000 IDR?". "Oh, you'll get that from me", she said, while looking for this small change from her wallet and gave it to me. What the.. ?!!

Is anyone here as confused as I was am? :D I said thanks and left, for all I need to do now is wait for an invitation from the court (in about two weeks, Bu Im said). I'm sure there will be more vague accounting from my side one after another. But nevermind, the world is a funny place.

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The infamous receipt


  1. Duh, makin seru neh petualangan nya Tita... Keep on moving ya Ta, semoga ke depan nya lebih mudah. Amien...
    *yg semangatnya kembang kempis ngeliat proses admin di endo*

  2. elo tabah banget ya Ta ngurusin paper thingy itu... gw bacanya jiper banget euy jadinya.

  3. Si ibu MM itu kelamaan di tartarus kali, Ta. Freeze brain!

  4. wow.... meskipun ada kuitansi, tapi bisa gitu ya dibuat gitu...
    ok, berarti tinggal tahap court aja khan mba?

  5. Saluttt Titaaa .. kalau gue udah mbayar orang aja buat urusin .. capek urusan sama orang2 kayak gini ... bisa2 kepala gue gundul gara2 rambut gue tarik2 ...

  6. so funny... you even get a IDR 1000 return for your "Tip" hauhuahuha

  7. Salut buat kesabaran dan daya tahan elo ngurusin hal ini. Tetap semangat ya Ta!!

  8. Maksudnya Rp. 259.000 kali ya Ta?
    Duh, baca ginian antara kesel ama pengen ketawa. kesimpulan gila dan ancur!
    Salut ama kegigihan elo Ta! Petugas2 itu kaget-kaget kali, karena pasti jarang yang mau ngejabanin kayak elo.

  9. Hahaha iya bener! LiTa teliti, makasih! *barusan gue ganti di teks*

  10. lien: terima kasih :)

    ndy: dari awal udah niat nekat.. hahaha

    lex: let's thaw her brain.. give her some of your cassettes!

    djo: bener, 'tinggal' dipanggil menghadap sidang. dari situ musti ke disduk lagi, bawa pengesahannya, spy mereka bisa ngeluarin akte nikah. abis itu baru bisa ngesahin akte lahir anak2. dari situ baru aku bisa apply dobel-WN buat mereka. trus tinggal mikirin ijin tinggalnya suamiku.. :P

    ju: emang nih banyak yg terselubung.. untung rambut gue gak kebanyakan brodol2 gue garuk2 saben saatnya 'ngasih tips'

    chaerani: yea, that's what makes it so funny! so now they gave me the 'tip'?! =))

    julie: thanks! :D

    ntul: terima kasih, ayo ayo kita bisa!

    roel: tancaaap mang!

  11. ckckckckckckck.... terlalu banget orang-orang itu

  12. Aha..! So THAT's the attitude that keeps you going :) Good on you! Maju terus, pantang mundur...!

  13. cihuii!! di 'hantui' aja ta, lama2 pasti gerah mereka :) asal jgn loe masukin ati, bisa stroke huehuehue

  14. Tita, maju terus!!!
    Salut Ta, kamu sabar banget ngurus beginian

  15. I'd be stumped too if I were you!
    Thank goodness everything turned out 'relatively' well, being shortchanged notwithstanding =)

  16. setuju, emang dunia ini lucu *sambil menarik nafas panjang..panjaaaaang sekali*

  17. yu: verveelen ya :P ora nduwe isin

    yikk: haha.. thank you! minjem status YM-nya cakandar: maju perut pantat mundur!

    ntul: emang jangan, rugi aja kl kita masukin ati, mereka masukin dengkul aja enggak!

    ndri: trims ya! jadi terus semangat :)

    tita: hahaha I'm still perplexed here!

    chic: *jejeran sama chica sambil mengela nafas bersama2*

  18. grgggggggggggghhh buat orang2 seperti mereka.. ngeludruk salah tempat yaa.. he...he..he..he. salut deh buat Tita yg sabar