Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another 24 pages within 24 hours

Saturday, 20 October 2007

06:00 Waking up after an uncomfortable sleep (Lindri moved into our bed at about 04:00am, followed by Dhanu not long afterwards; leaving me balancing myself at a small edge of the bed until I really woke up)

07:00 Had breakfast

08:00 Preparing to go: checking books, papers, pens, cables and MacBook - all in my black Nomad backpack

08:15 Leaving for SPACE59. Thoriq called on the way, saying he's participating, too. Great! I won't be the oldest one in the room :)

08:45 Arrived at SPACE59, preparing some stuff. The place was fully prepared: desks and seats, carpets, a couple of computers - each with a scanner, Wi Fi facility, water dispenser, plastic cups and tea and coffee.

09:30 People started to trickle in.

10:00 Start the 24 Hour Comics challenge! I knew I worked slower compared to last year, for now I have lots of peers to chat with. Not that I mind, hehe..

11:00 Iput came and was tempted to join, too - and she did. That made 38 people in total from all of us. She sat on the same carpet with me and Thoriq. Snacks were already available. Extra tables and folding chairs were arranged outside for smokers.

12:30 I was at page 6, drawing food all over out of hunger. I scavenged for heavier snacks (thanks to Thoriq for the bacang!). Drawing and chatting proceeded simultaneously.

17:00 Iput prepared to go home and continued working at home until morning. Sybrand, Dhanu and Lindri came to visit and to pick me up. Dhanu ended up drawing insects for Pidi; Lindri drew while sitting on my back (I was laying on my tummy), Sybrand went around to take pictures.

18:00 We went home to have dinner. Dhanu likes his fish very much, but Lindri shook her head after a few bites and left to the living room. She fell asleep not long afterwards, in front of the television. Dhanu resumed playing with his LEGO helicopter until bed time.

19:00 I've got time to draw and upload one page before leaving for SPACE59 again.

20:30 Out of the house, this time also bringing a sleeping bag and two 'pillows' (they look more like dolls)

21:00 Arrived at SPACE59 again. Continued drawing and chatting and being sleepy.

23:00 Seemed like Pidi has gone home (he said he was just going out for food).

Sunday, 21 October 2007

00:30 The spot lights at the ceiling blew off - they couldn't stand their own heat.

04:22 Finished the last page. Sent a message for the blog. Waited for a free scanner, then tried to scan and upload (succeeded, after some trials).

05:00 Tried blogging this minutiae while teasing Thoriq who still had 500 more pages to ink.

The sun has come out again. I'm glad I could finish 24 pages within 24 hours but I'm not to confident with the result - perhaps the wrapping of the story is a bit weak, or I've lost my spontanity at some points. I was distracted a lot too, not only by chatting and snacking, but also by the Internet (this is not a complaint). 

All in all, it was quite pleasant. Especially because I had the chance to see how it went in Bandung (as opposed to in Amsterdam), how these young people behaved (rather sweet, actually) and what came out (mostly brilliant drawings!).

I wonder how our colleagues in Jakarta and Semarang are doing (there was only one update from Jakarta at the 24HCD blog). Look here for the drawings and photos of participants at SPACE59, here for my drawings and some photos, and please click the tag 24hcd (underneath this post) if you'd like to see the result from last year as well.


  1. wah eta kripikna ngeunah jigana.. :D

  2. masih banyak nih, udah overdose banget di sini! *sodorin 3 kantong ke dezig*

  3. haduh..aku yang cuma baca aja berasa ngos-ngosan :))

  4. hahaha aku masih kancilan ini.. belom ngantuk tapi laper (lho kok "tapi")

  5. wah.... ini gue kasih hadiah karena sukses menggambar 24 hal dalam 24 jam. baru pulang beli itu hadiah... nanti dititip sama olohok, yak.... :D

  6. ps: tadi nubruk ini:


  7. wah mau banget.. lagi sakauw snack!

  8. tetep suka karya nya mba tita. Apalagi kalo liat gambaran2 makanannya :D tp sekarang ngescann nya kecil2 ya mbak? ga bisa dibesarin...

  9. Hihihihi selamat! Sampai th depan yah :D
    PS: iya.. perhatian gue langsung ke kantong kripik!

  10. wah gila..... another komik day euy... selamat! udah liat komik-nya... enjoyable as usual!
    btw, itu yg Dhanu sama Pidi seru pisan... hahaha.. gelo.

  11. selamat ta, udah sukses lagi tahun ini
    itu keripik singkong...:))

  12. Selamat ya mb Tita...! Barusan liat komiknya Dhanu/Pidi.. hihih... kocak bener - Dhanu bakat nggambarnya kayaknya nurun sapaaa gitu :)

  13. wow!! cool..mestinya ponakanku yg gila gambar komik itu ikutan tuk cari pengalaman dari para kakak2 ini.. kapan ada acara kaya gini lagi?
    selamat ya!

  14. woow...nampak nya seru sekali :D iyah aku langsung ngeh ke kantong kripik tuh ahhaha..'mengandung kafein' kah? hahaha

  15. kucing: aduuuw makasih hadiahnya :"> thanks to olohok, too :D eh itu isi link-nya bener2 harus diliatin satu-satu! *gemesss*

    bulan: dankje! :D oh scan-nya kekecilan ya? nanti coba aku 'vermaak' di rumah (waktu di lokasi scan-nya nitip orang soale)

    ven: trims! duhh kantong itu emang eye-catchy banget ya..

    mer: glad you enjoyed it :) komik dhanupidi emang kacau.. haha..

    chic: percaya nggak kalo aku sama sekali nggak makan kripik singkong itu? :P *tapi ngabisin kripik tempe*

    yik: trims! dhanu nurun eyang kakungnya mungkin ;))

    tkmaia: tiap taun pasti ada, ini sudah yg ke-4 kalinya. tinggal dicek di

    escoklat: haha mungkin lebih ke garam ketimbang ke kafein

    karpetbiru: mari turut meramaikan yang tahun depan! :)