Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little bit..

During one of my random browsing sessions, I came across an interesting article by Desmond Morris. I've long ago read his books Naked Ape, Human Zoo and The Naked Eye, all of which discuss a zoologist's viewpoints upon human animal (= us!). The first two books explain, among others, why women wear make up, why men are commonly the bread-winner of the family, how hooligans resemble tribe warriors, and so on. The latest discuss more deeply about comparison of cultures, difference in gestures and such. In short, still a captivating study about human animal.

I've become very fond of his writings and therefore was amusingly surprised when I bumped into the article I mentioned about, since it contains the following factors: a) It's written by Desmond Morris, b) It's about food and eating habit (= among my favorite subjects). The article, A little bit of what you fancy, in short points out that "the human species evolved as an omnivore. Eating the widest possible variety of foodstuffs was what gave us our special advantage over our animal rivals. And this is about the only rule that one need apply when sitting down to a meal."
The discussion goes on around the concept and causes of diet, obesity, food taboo and other relevant issues, starting and ending pleasantly with the memory of the arbitrary eating habit of his late mother, who died at the age of 99. Moral of the story? Enjoy life by not being a finicky eater! :)   

Another excerpt: "I expected (purely on statistical grounds) to die ten years ago ... Something has gone wrong with my prediction because I am still here, and I have a feeling that part of the reason could be that I have managed to maintain a deep disrespect for all the health police, the faddist gurus and diet fascists who plague our bookstalls, radio stations and newsagents."

Image source: www.cartoonbank.com  


  1. Hear! Hear!!

    PS: ini link yg gue cari2, lo kan ngasih 2 link. setelah baca yg wine fraud, eh yg ini ilang. Dan gue blank gak inget link apa itu :P. thanks!

    Tambahan: There is a breed of modern pontificators who feel it is their social duty to tell the rest of us what we should and should not eat, as though they have somehow discovered the secret of eternal life. And that's not just limited to food!

  2. my pleasure!
    oh ilang ya tadi? ;)) YM gue juga putus! biasa lah, koneksinya cemen.. :P

  3. love this article! just perfect not only to justify what i've been doing/eating but it also suggests that i should be wilder!!! yayyyyy!!!!

  4. makasih banget utk postingnya... very good article!!!

  5. it's my pleasure. articles like this one should be widely spread ;)