Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Shebang


09.00 Parents' meeting at Cendekia. News from the foundation: the kids' school will move to Dago Resort area, effective as of February 2008. Lindri's class theme for this semester is Friendship, where a.o. they should each buy gifts for less-fortunate children of their age with their allowance money (they gained the money in the previous semester for performing household works). Dhanu's class theme is Clothing, and as a final project he and his classmates will have to arrange a fashion show at the end of the term.

10.00 School meeting's out, I was on my way to SPACE59 to see PHB exhibition - and to meet Anin! Yaay!

10.30 The PHB exhibition is great! They arrange performances, too - see their schedule for details. Mas Wied said my name is at today's KOMPAS. Gotta buy one. (Later in the afternoon I did, and here's the article: Lihatlah Perempuan Perupa Bandung).
Finally, seeing Anin again! She went around the gallery then we went to the shop where she could buy a Curhat Tita package. We left the premise to go to.. WaLe!

11.00 Setting foot at WaLe again after.. let's see.. about 6 years? (Dhanu was barely 1 year old then). It has changed a lot! We took a table at the far end of the back terrace of the 'old' house (not the extension accross the house), looking at the valleys. Lunch was: baso goreng (fried meatballs), yamin manis spesial (meatballs, tofu-siomay and siomay with the soup), yamin asin spesial, pangsit goreng, cheese cake and srikaya-pandan pudding. Great taste, nice portion; just enough. Pity about the cheese cake for using a mini styrofoam bowl.

12.00 Homewards from WaLe. Thanks, Anin, especially for the hagelslag and AntaFlu! See you soon!

15.30 LiTa, Tine and Reggie (LiTa's son) dropped by home to pick me and Lindri up. We went to Selasar for 'coffee'. The Metissage exhibition was still there. We had a nice chat over glasses of Selasar Sparkle (lemon squash), soda tea, Japanese green tea, strawberry milkshake, bitterballen and cheese and fries with bacon bits and cheese.

17.30 Leaving Selasar to pick up Reggie's grandma at church. The rain started to fall heavily; we could hardly see more than 200m ahead from inside the car. We headed off to Rose Flower, an old Chinese restaurant at Ahmad Yani street for dinner. Lindri fell deep asleep in the car.

18.30 Lindri was forced to wake up when we were entering the restaurant in the midst of rain. Dinner was: kangkung - beef hot plate, udang goreng telur asin, frog's legs in butter sauce, crab in oyster sauce, fu yung hai (omelette in tomato sauce), ginger chicken and babi hong (pork in sweetish sauce). LiTa had to call her brother and her brother's wife, for them to come over and help finishing the food. 

20.00 Reggie left with his uncle and aunt, since he wanted to have a ride on a motorbike. Lucky him the rain has stopped so he got permission from his mother. The rest of us proceeded to Sudirman street, nearby Andir Marketplace intersection. Yup, you got it right: our aim was the highly-acclaimed martabak Nikmat - or, known to us as Martabak Andir.

21.30 A seemingly peak hour at Nikmat; the martabak brothers didn't stop mixing, pouring, lifting and cutting the orders. Lindri was awake, "Yummy pancakes", she said while pointing at the stoves full of bubbling martabak dough. To eat on spot: green thick martabak with cheese, banana, chocolate and peanut pieces. To bring home: crispy-thin martabak with parmesan cheese (mine), thick martabak with sweet corn and cheese and the same green thick variation (LiTa's).

22.00 Off we went, homewards. Thanks, LiTa and family! It's really nice to be a part of your nice bunch!


07.00 Lindri was a bit feverish and was therefore in no condition to go to church. I had to go nonetheless because I was to be introduced to the segregation as a new member of the church (so I was told yesterday). I took Dhanu while Syb stayed home to take care of Lindri.

08.30 I and Dhanu sat at the very front bench. It was a Family Week and the church was unusually decked: sunday school children attended the adult service, and a huge puppet show box was set on stage. The service was very children-friendly with lots of shows and plays.
So, no introducing me, at all (not that I mind).

10.00 Bought two portions of nasi hainam at the church yard after the service, then went to get fries for Lindri.

13.00 Took Dhanu to Sabuga, where I was appointed to be a judge for a couple of competitions among high schools in Bandung. The whole process was finally completed at around 16.00.

16.00 Dropped by McD for some ice cream, which is a sort of reward for Dhanu for walking quite far that day.

16.30 Home, to find Lindri fast asleep on the couch in front of TV (just had a bath, her father said). Dhanu got in bath as well not long afterwards, then had a rest in the living room.

18.00 Dinner time, and perhaps a movie session before bed time. We'll see.

So that was our weekend. How's yours?


  1. Sibuk sekali elo :D Kalo gue... sabtu: bangun, sarapan, masak, maxi, tidur, makmal, baca buku sampe jam 3 pagi nungguin jam berubah (Tapi gak berubah2 :p). Minggu, bangun, sarapan, masak lagi buat seminggu, maxi, dan sekarang balas mp elo :D :D :D. Payah yah? :))

    PS: Green martabak? Apaan tuh?
    PPS: Moga2 Lindri udah sembuh sekarang?

  2. hahaha ya nggak payah lah, itu minggu idaman gue kali :)) ini pas lagi banyak ketemuan orang (dan makan2!) aja makanya gue catet. green martabak, adonannya pake pandan! enyaakk! iya lindri udah nggak panas, tp seharian dia di rumah aja biar istirahatnya tuntas.

  3. Weekend?Went to a funeral, at got headache on sunday... :D

  4. Wah, berarti gue jg beruntung bisa dapet jam yang pas elo lagi kosong ya :D
    Duh Lindri kenapa Ta, jangan2 gara2 kecipratan ujan kmaren? moga2 gakkelamaan ya demamnya.

    Gue tadi balik dari Bdg jam 830, mampir TMII krn nonton Gary tanding Water Rocket (dia dpt juara 3 dari 50 peserta, mayaaann). Nyampe rumah jam 4, gue teler berat, flu kyknya. Gak kuat lg anterin Tine ke airport, langsung tidur dan bangun jam 9, zzzzz....

    Oh iya, ini berita ttg Gary:
    *asik2 GR krn Gary* :D

  5. Duuh...Wale...oh Wale.....gue juga suka kesitu tuh kalau ke Bandung...yamien rica-ricanya enak (disamping yamien lainnya dan menu lainnya) paling hobi cari spot di beranda luar deket gentong air ..Martabak Andir emang enak ya Ta? aku sering denger belum pernah coba...masukin ke list must taste ah...=). Semoga Lindri cepet sehat lagi ya...

  6. wah, cuma 2 hari aja dapat banyak yang dikerjain ya.... dan banyak yg enak2.. yamien.. martabak (ijo?)....
    gue.... perasaan cuma: bangun pagi, kejedot, tidur lagi di pesawat, bangun, mp, tidur lagi di hotel, ke waikiki dgn kolega dinner, tidur.... dan skrg baru bangun lagi, mp!
    buat Lindri: get well soon, dear!

  7. waaaaah weekend yang menyenangkan dan mengenyangkaaaaaan !
    lita sempet sms, tapi aku gak sanggup bales karena ambruk gara2 flu kemaren ini..gimana kabarnya ngkoh andir ? :D

  8. Wuih sibuknya... Makan2 di gereja pas bulan keluarga itu tradisi khas di Indonesia kali ya... heheh... Our weekend? Diem2 di rumah aja...solider sama bapaknya anak2 yg kecapekan setlh traveling minggu lalu :)

  9. ehmm... waktu Lita sms, gw tanyain kangen martabak apa Engkohnya :D :D... So kapan giliran elo nengok si Engkoh lagi ? dijamin flu sembuh, hihihi...

  10. waah, baru hari minggu kemaren gw ke Rose :), gimana babi hong nya, Ta ? Gw doyaaan banget nih yg bikinan dari Rose Rest !!

  11. sabtu pagi-pagi naik sepeda keliling de latinos sekalian cari sarapan. pulang naik sepeda nyapu & ngepel rumah, terus mandi, terus siap-siap pulang ke kreo sekalian cari makan siang. jam 4:30pm pijet sampai jam 8:30pm, mandi - tidur
    minggu - kebaktian & pelayanan di gki bekasi timur (tapi tyas gak ikut, mbolos) - pulang, makan siang, tidur .......