Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I 'ate the dog!

..said Groundskeeper Willie, "I 'ate his guts! I 'ate everything about him!" when Bart asked him if he's seen Santa's Little Helper in The Canine Mutiny episode. That line is among The Simpsons' quotations that has become one of our household's catchphrases, which we always use in appropriate situations. Or whenever we hear something that might associate with the line. Such was what I automatically thought of, when four Multiply contacts of mine nudged me to list 8 random things about me. See? 8, eight, ate! Ha!

Bookshop has delivered a bright idea of adding three into our five items that we submitted previously; an idea that I apply here as well. My five random things can be viewed here (that entry apparently contains other stuff, too - so there's an extra for you guys :P), and here are three more: 

6. Same as my distant cousin Yikk, I hardly ever had any make up on my face. Occasional events were only during traditional (Balinese) dance performance (when I was veerrrry young) and traditional wedding ceremonies.

7. I got a notion to be a 'comic books snob'. Meaning, I do buy comic books only based on reviews from people I trust, or on my personal taste (which proves to be, um, expensive). I buy comic books which I can appreciate highly both the graphics and the stories. And I don't buy comics due to mere patriotic or solidarity reasons, for I am not that kind of collector. Wanna check my comics library? Please do.

8. I always have the questions of, "Why would you be my contact? What do you expect of me? Who are you and how did you get this address?" everytime random people post their requests to be my contact. Then I reject them without thinking twice, especially those with empty profiles. Multiply's offer to maintain a "meaningful relationship" really fits my principle in this social networking activity.

Let's see.. any free soul who isn't tagged yet? Very few, I suppose. Let's try Ave (a good distraction between works, toch? :D), Anin (open up, Bud, I know where you are!), Cindih (can't wait for your expressive writing!), LiTa (can't believe nobody's tagged you!) and Tiyas (find a warnet, quick!). Ack! There should be eight! Alright, three more people: Peter (you're not shy are you), Nunu (surprise us), Ayie (what more can I say.. you're it!)

Here's the obligatory part:

Tagging rules:

1. each blogger must post these rules.

2. each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

3. bloggers that are tagged need to write in their own blogs about their 8 things and post this rule. At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

4. do not forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged to read your blog.


  1. sebenernya isiny tu 8 hal tentang kita yang orang lain kemungkinan besar gak tau, gitu?

  2. wah... es duren kecilnya penari!! *kagum2terkejut*
    btw, selain comic snob, kamu juga book freak (sampe jadi librarian di goodreads!) dan inventory freak :))

  3. eeeggghhhhh.... pe-er nih.....
    nanti yaaaaaaaaa :D

  4. hahaha... menarik juga. terus saya bkin ngereply disini atau bikin blog lagi?

  5. hahahaha, udah 2 orang kok ta, sekarang jadi 3 ama elo :))

  6. Ternyata dari kecil emang hobi nyepeda ya...sampe sempet ketabrak kijang gitu....tsk..tsk...

  7. Iya, elo emang pribadi yg mengejutkan *adoh bahasanya...*

  8. heheheh... good taste comes at a price ya... ;-)

  9. di blogmu sendiri aja, biar kontakmu pada bisa reply rame-rame :D

  10. mer: hihihi itu karena tradisi keluarga, setiap anak perempuan pasti sempet dilesin nari. btw, gue terakhir pentas nari bareng MGG lho, "janger", di lapangan basket ;))
    goodreads itu mungkin karena gue suka upload cover buku2 yg belom ada kali ya..

    tas: digarap di bandung saja, besok2 ini? hehe

    lita: udah ya? haha gapapa biar mantap, gue aja ketepoknya empat kali!

    rasti: itu di kala masih lugu (LUcu GUoblog), jadi abis ketabrak diem2 aja. kalo sekarang ta' uber kali ya..

    ven: adeuuuww =)) masih bagus bukan "mencengangkan"

    yik: ihiks :"> untung cuma buat buku, bukan buat yg lain2 :P