Friday, October 17, 2008

Again: 24 Hour Comics Day

The International 24 Hour Comics Day 2008 falls on October 18th, which is tomorrow. Bandung has two venues hosting this event, but I'm going to do mine at home. Scanning and uploading every time I produce a new page.

Why? Because:
I will start early in the morning (06:00) so I can finish also at 06:00 the next day. That 'next day' (Oct 19th) is Lindri's 5th birthday so I'd rather have my morning spent on our birthday ritual: blowing candles on a cake for breakfast, then unwrapping presents!

I planned to go visit those venues during the day. But I abort the plan. Simply because it is a waste of time, waiting for and sitting in angkots to go to those places. I would go out, though, to buy Lindri's birthday cake and that's it. I'll most probably also post entries (aside from pages) during the day.

What else shall I say. Please forgive if I don't quickly respond to your SMS or GTalk or YM etc. tomorrow. And for participants all over the world: wish you a fun comics marathon! :)

24 Hour Comics site:
My journal entry from 2007: Another 24 Pages within 24 Hours and the result: My Adopted Hometown
My journal entry from 2006: Reminiscing the 24 Hour Marathon and the result: Transition

**edit to add**
Watch this space because I will upload updates not only from my drawings but also the ones from Motulz! He'll start at midnight tonight, six hours earlier than my starting hour.


  1. caiyoooooooooooooooooo.....

    aq tungguin deh sambil jingkrak2 kasi semangat...
    nona cantik dah 5 tahun ya? nitip sun ajah

  2. terima kasiiih.. sun-nya disampaikan besok :D

  3. belum, baru mau mulai besok jam 6 pagi. motulz nih yg mau mulai tengah malem ini..

  4. gutlak !
    cookies udah kelar nih, dibantuin sama cindy ngehiasnya :))
    besok dianter ke ibu, sama ada titipan kado buat lindri

  5. Oooh... udah 24 hour comic lagi? Have fun yah! Ditunggu banget komik2nya (dan foto2 ultah Lindri! :D).

  6. weeew....!!

    hepi bersdey ya Lindri... ^_^

  7. good luck ya Ta.....
    iki pasti wis mulai to ...

  8. haha makasih cindiihh
    trims, spp! for the cookies and all :D (paling sebentar lagi ibu nyampe nih)

  9. Thanks all! Lindri has had her candles-cake-cadeau ceremony this morning! Now she's busy playing...

  10. woooo ... hepi b'day lindri ....semoga tambah cantik dan pintar... Good luck buat mama tita...