Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vote for Magno!

Magno radio is nominated for People's Design Award by Cooper-Hewitt [National Design Awards]. I'd encourage anyone to vote for it not simply because it is the only product from Indonesia that manages to enter this nomination, ever. And not merely due to my familiarity to the product and the designer. But beyond all these, like I said in my comment at the voting site, it is (design) sustainability at the term's most noble meanings!

How come?

It is made of waste woods (that were sold as firewood) and local woods, therefore reducing transportation energy and pollution significantly. For each radio sold, some profit percentages are spent to buy seeds and to maintain tree nurseries.    

It provides income for local communities, especially jobless young people of productive age. The workshop guarantee a person to become skillful within one week, eventhough he or she has no prior traning in wood-working.

It gives pride to local communities, who are aware that their work has become globally known and has gained positive responses and world recognition.

The radio proofs that 'green' design can appeal for high-end market without selling the term 'green' cheaply. It is a product that makes people buy not because they can feel good about themselves for purchasing for a 'good cause', but because they really would want such product to represent themselves and their lifestyles.

It is a winner itself in its simplicity and elegance.

Comparison of values between firewood and a Magno wooden product
(source: Singgih's presentation material, 2008)

Are you with me?

Just click Vote Now here (you have to register first, but it doesn't take long). Voting ends soon: October 21st, 2008.
You can also view other nominated products here:
Here is the new Magno website: (it is developed by a local web-designer - as Mas Singgih is committed to local resources as much as possible - so feel free to send in your input for improvement)

Congratulations to Mas Singgih and Magno team! Their work has proved to be a substantial answer to our current problems: unemployment, forest depletion, urbanization, and many more. Let's hope that many more people share their visions!