Thursday, February 10, 2005

Samurai Executioner

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Goseki Kojima & Kazuo Koike
Another series that are worth collecting from the unbeatable duet Kojima & Koike, creators of Lone Wolf & Cub. The main character, Yamada Asaemon, would rightaway remind readers of Ogami Itto from Lone Wolf & Cub, since these two characters have similar positions.

Since Asaemon's occupation is a sword-tester for the Shogun (thus also a decapitator, as the swords should be tested on living beings as well), the first album emphasizes on the challenges and hardships of his job. Had the book been in color, blood-red would dominate the pages (the black/white arts of this album is already so powerful that I think coloring will only ruin the appearance).
The next albums (up to now, there are only three albums yet) are more varied in the stories. The episodes then reveal extreme conflicts and drama of life during the Edo period; all bringing the wisdoms of a warrior - a samurai, in this case. Keep in mind that the "Parental Advisory" sticker on the cover is not for nothing - the scenes are mostly vulgar and nerve-wrecking; very unsuitable for those under 18 years old.

Both the script and the artwork of this graphic novel have no flaw. Flow of events are nicely depicted so that you'll have your own 'movie' in your head. Japanese terms that can not be translated into English are explained in the Glossary section; which can enrich your understanding of the samurai culture back then.

Another winning point of this book is its format. It comes in a very compact size (very handy!) and has a simple cover design.

Samurai Executioner
Goseki Kojima & Kazuo Koike
(C)Dark Horse, 2004
ISBN# 1593072082


  1. Lagi-lagi, Tita...
    Gw pernah baca tentang ini di Wizard, dan katanya bagus. Penasaran juga.
    Kok cepet banget ya foto sampulnya berubah? kamu online ya?

  2. iya lagi online.. lg pilih2 image yg bagus :)
    ini bener2 bagus, asal tahan sama adegan2 sadis. jadi sekarang 'terpaksa' deh ngoleksi ini juga (di samping 100 bullets).. hehe..

  3. duuuuh, akhirnya dibikin juga review nya kekekekek. Siap2 aja ya, soalnya mungkin bentar lagi aku bakalan minjem yg ketiga :p

  4. iya bikin review sambil nunggu ujan di sekolah (tapi tetep ujan terus.. huuhh). beres lah yu, ayo kemari ambil yg ketiga.. dijamin makin kemecer :)