Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's a Bird...

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Steven T. Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen
What makes you pick up a comic book in a comic bookstore, flush through it and finally buy it? As for me, it's the cover and the whole appearance of the book (thickness, texture). Then it's the arts and the graphics that co-create the story - I have to like it since I will have to face it throughout the reading. Then the contents; the story itself - it has to be interesting since I want to enjoy it thoroughly. And get all my money's worth for it. This book, "It's a Bird...", has all of those mentioned above and it didn't take me long to decide - and I don't regret the decision.

Look, I don't like the books about superheroes anymore (not as much as I did when I was a little girl). What I like now, concerning superheroes, are stories about different ways to look at them, or about other kinds of 'superheroes' who wear no tight, flashy costumes. The phrase "It's a Bird..", the title of this book, rightaway associates to Superman, the all-time superhero. But instead of telling how Superman battles his evil vilains, this book places Superman in analogies with our (mere human's) daily lifes. This attracts me most. The way of thinking towards Superman in this book is truly refreshing. Moreover, it is a semi-autobiography. There's something deep and sweet - or perhaps, personal - about it. The author must have put a lot of him in it.

And the arts! A few lines and a brush of colors that can tell many tales. It's very impressive; I just love it. I guessed I've seen this style somewhere, and I was right - I've read "House of Secrets" by the same artist and author. The lettering (fonts) is also inseparable. Since the stories have several moods and settings, the arts and the lettering also go along with them, helping me getting into a relevant mood and knowing where I am (at the story).

Shortly, I enjoyed everything of this book. I hope I can find more graphic novels that I enjoy thoroughly as much as this one.

It's a Bird...
Steven T. Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen
(C)DC Comics, 2004
ISBN# 1401201091


  1. Jadi sebenernya ini tentang Clark Kent, ya?

  2. Oh bukan, ceritanya ada penulis komik (namanya Steve) yg utk pertama kalinya dikasih tugas oleh DC Comics utk menulis seri "Superman". Padahal dia punya masalah dengan Superman sbg superhero sejak kecil. Ternyata ini ada hubungannya dengan memorinya semasa kecil, kala ia membaca komik Superman utk pertama kalinya.
    Cerita selanjutnya adalah konfliknya dalam menghadapi memori masa kecil, trauma dan rahasia keluarganya sendiri, yg dalam prosesnya (krn dia dapat assignment menulis utk Superman itu) membuat Steve banyak berpikir mengenai being (a) Superman, atau Clark Kent, atau Kal-El. Mengenai kekuatan, kesepian, keunikan, dll - yg sebenarnya juga dialami semua orang.

  3. Ooo... Kamu selalu dapet yang keren ya!