Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rackety Saturday at SPACE59

Sudden ideas came to Pidi, as they usually do, on Wednesday, "Let's make an event at SPACE59 on Saturday afternoon!". Go ahead, I told him, you can perform. "You'll have a discussion session, too!". Alright, I said, just prepare a program and the invitation. The latter was distributed to our contacts through mailing lists, websites and SMS, as commonly done nowadays. It was supposed to start at 4 pm, but of course in reality it began a bit later.

I arrived at the gallery at around 2.30 pm, to meet an appointment while preparing my material. Indeed, I made a PowerPoint presentation for this evening, containing a short story about me, my drawings and other relevant activities.

Passing four o'clock, a group of people - bringing guitars and tambourines - entered the gallery and Pidi asked them to start performing. The way he introduced them might offend some sensitive people, but nobody seemed to mind. I asked Pidi who these guys really are. "I don't know", he said, "I just found them around the corner of the street, and asked them to perform here. They'd like to". "Really?!" my eyebrows and voice raised. "Seriously", he chuckled. Don't believe a word he said.

During their performance, the "Jakarta support team" came: Deedee, Dezig, and many others whose name I've come accross lots of times at Multiply. Glad to finally meet you all in person, guys!

Then it was my turn to face the audience. It's never been easy for me to talk about my self, so visual assistance is always in order. I showed my earliest documented drawing, from my apprenticeship era in Germany (1995), my travel log in Indonesia and Australia (1996-1997), to my student life in The Netherlands (starting 1998), continued with family life in Amsterdam (2000), up to today. I presented as well photos of exhibitions, publications and other works. It didn't take long, really.
The Q&A session was great. Thanks to all for the appreciation; I'm happy to find out that, after all, my doubt about the acceptance of this kind of work is gradually decreasing. This 'readiness' of Indonesian comics community was actually the first question from Deedee, followed by an inquiry about my returning to Indonesia. Another question was about keeping privacy (it's still a diary, indeed) while maintaining a wide audience who view my drawings. The rest were remarks and comments, all of which I felt very grateful for.

The conclusion? Curhat doesn't always have to be whiny! Haha.

The program continued with a performance from Pidi, who played guitar and sang his heart out, his way, for some minutes. I got the chance to chat and shop (Nat, Nunu and Chica, I got your stuff!) - and to be in several snapshots with the Jakarta team!      

The sun went down, flagging down the sign of break-fast. The gallery provided cups of water, Teh Botol and fried snacks from a street vendor. Afterwards, some interior lights were switched off, the guests dripping off the premise - leaving the gallery serene and vacant again in the dim light. That was quite a memorable afternoon, thanks to everyone!

Photo: courtesy of Dhani, at
Other photos can be seen at Alice's at Arini's
and at Olive's

SPACE59 will hold a workshop for making comics (Kursu59ambar Komik) on the 19th, 20th and 22nd of September. Announcement will be released as soon as responsible parties are confirmed.
Starting Monday, new merchandise will be produced, i.e. stickers and magnets. T-shirts that are sold out will also be reproduced. Online selling will be prepared approaching the closing of the exhibition, at the Multiply of SPACE59.   


  1. waaaaaaaa...great to finally seeing you and PiDi too !
    biarpun kita2 nggak konsen dengerin curhatnya karena lebih fokus ke photo2 and belanja merchandise nya, hihihi

    see you around...

  2. it's nice to see you too, Titaa..
    *hey, you got broken links up there*

  3. found 'em, fixed 'em! thanks!
    seems like multiply's trick to enable people making links by simply typing one's ID behind http:// doesn't work anymore :P

  4. haha ini penting, sebab kami sangat minim kamera! berbalik banget dengan tamu2nya! *jadi inget waktu pose2 di ruang depan.. kamera berderet-deret..*

  5. likewise! kapan euy upload foto2nya? (disatuin ama foto2 di bumi joglo juga boleh) :D

  6. hahaha.. ini lagi di-aplod..
    waktu di Bumi Joglo lebih banyak pake kamera Deedee dan Iis hehehe

  7. ntar ya, aku mau compile dulu photo2 dari kamera mereka, dilebur jadi satu postingan...
    paling yang duluan upload pasti si dhani, secara dia yang paling berseri2 waktu ketemuan sama idola nya, si pak haji, huahahahaha

  8. "Curhat doesn't always have to be whiny!".... huahaha.... setuju-setuju...
    btw, gue barusan baca laporan pembukaan pameran curhat di blognya space59, wuaaaduh..... gila banget.... huahahaha... ampun garingnya.... kriuk-kriuk.

  9. hahahahaha...akhirnya sampe juga kita di pameran curhat loe.. ;)))
    nice to see u...
    kocak juga bisa dengerin celotehnya si pidi... :P
    foto2nya belum sempet di upload ni... ;-/

  10. mer: haha raos nya', kriuk-kriuk krupuk bandung!

    alsq: thanks, likewise! :D makasih juga foto2nya, aku link di sini :)

    dezig: makasih, udah aku taruh satu fotomu di sini!

  11. aku gak dapet tas huuuuu..... tak kira bisa beli 'ngecer' taunya harus paket .... hiks hiks hiks.... kalau ada sisa tenik di kasih ya Taaaaa..... (*wajah penuh harap*)

  12. sisa opo ten, tas?

    kaose iso ngecer (@50rb), tapi nek tas pancen kudu paket (@75rb utk tas, komik, kaos dan pin).

  13. eh, jadinya.... slimming fools dimana? jik nang bandung ya? :D

  14. kapan-kapan, kita bertemu lagi (lagune koes plus)
    durung ngerti Ta - yen nang bandung pasti tak kabari .... dan tak ampiri