Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Random Post

So many occurrences to log about in the past few weeks but I could hardly find the time to do it. Some highlights are noted down here.

1. The End of Curhat Exhibition
The exhibition at Space59 was officially closed last Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2007, with a workshop about creating comics by Alva - continued with a discussion session. It was a small group of people, but the subject became more and more intriguing and the discussion more exciting. Presents were, among others, Thoriq, Pidi, personels of PHB and C59. Thanks a lot, people! Especially to Thoriq who came all the way from Jakarta (and back on the same day) by travel(*) for this very last day of the expo; I highly appreciate it! 

Now the walls of the gallery are emptied from my works; the cardboard figures are left standing against the walls of the front room, along with other accessories. "Curhat" lampions are still hanging above the ceiling of the parking space; the remaining merchandise are stored away. I haven't properly thanked Space59 crew for their assistance, support and camaraderie during the exhibition, but I'll surely show gratitudes in one way or another.  

(*)travel = a term for an inter-city transportation system, commonly using minibuses

2. 24 Hour Comics Day 2007
Mark your calendar: October 20th, 2007 is the 24 Hour Comics Day for the whole world! Which means that people who'd like to challenge themselves - to make 24 pages of comics in 24 straight hours - will make their attempt simultaneously on that very day! Comics community in Bandung will participate again in this event, organized by Pengajian Komik DKV ITB, held at Space59!
A 'hotspot' or a facility for free Internet connections will be prepared. Drawings will be scanned and uploaded to websites as soon as they are ready. Drinks (coffee!) and food (sugar!) will be provided. Music and entertainment, comradeship, gags and laughter will happen spontaneously. Well, at least those are the plans - let's wish they all come true.

3. Dhanu had another sleep-over
The weekend when Curhat exhibition was closed was the weekend Dhanu spent a night at school. Cendekia arranged a "SanLat" (Pesantren Kilat, a two-days religion course), which included "BakSos" (Bakti Sosial, a social action - this time it's dedicated to homeless people). Parents have contributed provisions through the school, so the kids could distribute the stuff themselves directly to the homeless people. They had their dinner at a canteen of Salman, a big mosque located accross ITB (university where I work), then spent the night in sleeping bags and tents at school (in classrooms and yards).
I picked him up on Sunday afternoon; he looked tired but content. The program went okay, according to Dhanu. He liked the overnight stay and the most impressive happening for him was playing duizendpoten with his friends, using their sleeping bags. Oh, and also the fighting over the light in the classroom - should it be turned on or off - when they were about to sleep.

4. Books!
I've read quite a few, new, interesting ones, but couldn't find time to update my GoodReads list, moreover to make comments or reviews for them. I should do something about it, especially now that I am granted a librarian status.

5. Keeping contacts
Last but not least (for now), I should appologize for not being able to reply or respond to my contacts' posts, as often as I like! I dropped by occasionally, though, between my flights from one venture to another, but managed only to leave silent 'footprints'. And my sketchbook-album is long overdue for updating! Sorry, folks! 


  1. hiks, akhirnya udahan juga "Curhat Tita", dah gue tetep gak sempet dateng... tapi udah dapet kok paketnya, makasiiiiih >:D<

  2. iya tuh curhat tita ga sempet dateng, padahal tanggal 6-7 sept nya gue ada conference di bandung.. :((... next time ya ta.. jangan bosen kirim smes...

    yg ini sama... buku dan film.. it's been sometimes now...

    >>>4. Books!
    I've read quite a few, new, interesting ones, but couldn't find time to update my GoodReads list, moreover to make comments or reviews for them. I should do something about it, especially now that I am granted a librarian status.

  3. harus daftar nggak yang 24 hour comic? :D

  4. Yet another 24 hour comics day? How time flies...

  5. lho? memang kita bisa ikutan 24 hour comic?

  6. dezig: aku juga mauuu :)

    lita: ahh udah nyampe ya.. makasih jugaaa, semoga berkenan >:D<

    ntul: kangen juga.. gambarlu asik2 banget! suka gue! :D

    vinke: hueee kita belom ketemuan jugaawww..

    ntong: hihi iya ya, yg taun lalu tgl 7 oktober! hiks..

    tas & bert: lho kan ini memang event utk semua! tidak harus komikus! anak balita, mbok jamu, akuntan, sampe mentri dan anak raja pun boleh kok. taun lalu kan jakarta punya venue, begitu juga surabaya. sekarang baru bandung yg udah ngerencanain venue buat nggambar bareng2. tapi kalo ada yg mau nggambar sendiri2 di rumah masing2 pun boleh juga.

    ehm.. mungkin tertarik utk bikin venue di jkt? boleh pake cafe, kampus, toko buku, mall..