Sunday, January 23, 2005

Japanese Fried Chicken

I tasted this fried chicken at in Delft when a Japanese friend was having an "Experiment" dinner at his place. It's really easy to make and tastes really really good; I've been trying to prepare this myself.

There's no exact measurement for the marinade, but it consists of:
- Japanese soya sauce
- mirin
- garlic (crushed)
- ginger (crushed)
- sake

For the chicken, the upper thigh part is used. Throw the bones away, but keep the skin on.

Potato starch, to coat the chicken before frying.

Marinate chicken pieces in the mix, preferrably overnight.
Drain, coat chicken overall with starch, then deep fry until chicken is done.


  1. Erhmm .. is that Karagee ? * drooll ..... :D *

    So thats how you make it =) Thx Tita .... I'll try making one this Wed if I still the energy from my photo session.

    yummmmmm .... .

    btw .. what's Mirin ? and what sake should we use ? cooking sake or drinking sake ? thx.

  2. woahh..menarik resep nya :D

    foto nya terlihat seperti ayam balado yah ..*imaginasi yg bikin laper hihihi

  3. karage? hehe.. aku aja nggatau namanya apa!
    mirin itu arak masaknya jepang, pasti ada di toko asia deh. sake-nya, bebas, kata temen jepangku. cooking sake kali yaa.
    sukses utk photo session-nya (dan karagee-nya tentu :D )

  4. whaa.. :)) asik kali ya, maunya masak ini tapi jadinya balado.. nyamm..