Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nasi Tim Ayam

I forgot where I got this recipe. Perhaps from a friend in Germany. Anyway, the ingredients are easy to get here, and the result is always, guaranteed, successful. I always cook this dish in a rice cooker (the 'lazy' method), and for the soup, I usually add (Chinese) meatball or wan tan and pak choi and spring onion in the soup. Very filling and healthy - with all those garlic and ginger. - Tita

1) to cook the chicken you need:
1 tbsp frying oil (plain sunflower oil will do)
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 garlic cloves, finely ground
2 cm ginger, finely ground
500 gr chicken meat, cut into 1cm blocks
2 tbsp kecap asin*
1 sdm kecap manis*
100 gr straw mushroom (or any mushroom you prefer), sliced

2) to season the rice you need:
2 tbsp frying oil
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 garlic clove, finely ground
1 cm ginger, finely ground
1 tbsp kecap asin*
250 gr uncooked rice

3) to cook the soup you need:
1 tbsp frying oil
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 garlic cloves, finely ground
1 cm ginger, finely ground
1250 ml chicken broth (i usually mix it with pork or mushroom broth)
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tsp kecap asin*
3 spring onion, finely sliced
i usually add baso (meatball: can be beef, fish, shrimp or squid) and pangsit (wan tan) in the soup. cook them in the soup until the broth boils.

*preferably indonesian brand of kecap asin and kecap manis (ABC, cap tukang jual sate, cap bangau, etc.) because these are really manis and really asin.

1) to cook the chicken:
- heat the oil, add garlic & ginger until fagrant
- add chicken blocks until the color changes
- add kecap asin, kecap manis, mushroom. stir well.
- set aside

2) to season the rice:
- heat the oil, add garlic & ginger until fragrant
- add kecap asin, then add the rice
- stir evenly until all grains of rice is evenly coated with the oil
- set aside

3) to cook the soup:
- heat the oil, add garlic & ginger
- add chicken broth, pepper and kecap asin
- to serve, add sliced spring onion

if you have a rice cooker, then you can do it the 'lazy' way:
- put the cooked chicken at the bottom of the rice cooker container
- put the seasoned (uncooked) rice on top of the chicken
- add soup water in it, twice the volume of the rice
- turn the rice cooker on, wait until it's cooked
- serve with the rest of the soup on the side

if you don't have any rice cooker:
- prepare small heat-resistant bowls
- spoon 1 tbsp of the cooked chicken into the bottom of the bowl
- add 3 tbsp of seasoned (uncooked) rice
- add ±100 ml broth in the bowl
- steam for about 1-1,5 hour or until rice is cooked
- serve with the rest of the soup


  1. Hi Tita,
    waktu liat judulnya "Nasi Tim Ayam" udah ngiler-ngiler aja pengen nyobain buat... Begitu liat resepnya.. buseeeettt.. panjang amat directionnya.. hehe... langsung menguap deh kepengenan pengen masak... haha.. tinggal nunggu nih siapa mau masakin Nasi Tim Ayam buat saya???? Hahaha...

  2. hehe.. iya sih dit, sampe 3 tahap gitu: masak dagingnya dulu, terus oseng2 berasnya, dan bikin kuahnya. persiapannya aja banyak, tp kalo semua udah siap dan tinggal nunggu mateng, santaiii deh.

  3. Hi there.. sorry nyolong resep nasi tim ayam-nya.. :-) looks yummy!
    Lg browse di google nyari resep tim ayam, yg pertama muncul resep ini, gw kira ini cooking site, looks like it though, well done!
    Btw, my name is Marsha, live in brisbane aus, married with 2 boys, Denzel (3 yo) & Brandon (7mth), keabisan idea ngasih makan anak2 makanya cari2 resep.
    Anyway, thx for the recipe, will steal some more recipes in the future :-)