Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Homesick" at De Schone Kunsten gallery, Haarlem

Yesterday evening was the opening of an exhibition at De Schone Kunsten gallery, Haarlem, titled "Should I stay or should I go?". The invitation said 21.00, so Sybrand and I left home at about eight in the evening. Leaving the kids with Oma Toos. We got on the tram, bought tickets to Haarlem, got on the train, all quite smoothly.
We walked from Haarlem train station to the gallery, not through the marketplace, but taking a short cut through houses and a small canal. There we were, exactly at 21.05, and the gallery was already full.

Now I haven't been there again since I submitted my work which was one week earlier. So the first thing I looked for was my work, where it is and how it is framed. Well, nice enough. Then I was trying to look at the rest when I suddenly was met up by lots of familiar faces.

There was Eddie Hara, carrying his youngest son Nestor (11 months old). Then there was Mimi Fadmi, and of course Mirjam herself. Not long afterwards I saw Oom Lucas Abedy and Peter van Dongen. What a nice reunion. Peter gave me an invitation to the launching of his Rampokan Celebes (since I haven't received any at home, but it came later that day). After a while, Awan, Budi Lee and more people from Arnhem came (all 9 of them). I got absorbed in chatting and talking here and there.

Then there was an introduction (opening?) of the exhibition by Ben Kruijswijk (Mirjam's husband). He mentioned the artists' name one by one, and whoever was present was to come forward and receive a sticker (of his/her name) to stick on his/her chest. All was called forward except me (thank goodness).

There were food and drink but each cost 1 Euro per serving. I watched a bit of Mimi's video ("Lunch") and tried to see other artpieces that were exhibited. Not easy, because the room was small and full. I found Tanto's drawings on the big table in the middle (nice).

We didn't stay long for our thoughts keep roaming to home, to where our kids might (not) be sleeping. After saying goodbye to everyone I know, we left and walked back to the station.

So that's how an opening feels like. It wasn't too impressive, I must say. But I'll be back to that gallery one day, with different friends, to show off my work (ha ha) and to go to that delicious eating place nearby the station (hahahahaha)

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