Thursday, November 11, 2004

'Play Artist'

There's sooo much I can write about but there's sooo little time to do it. It always happens like that, doesn't it. Let's see what I haven't done writing: our trip to The Ardens, where we (the whole 20-ish people) stayed in an old small castle. A summary of a lecture by Donald Norman, which I attendded last Monday (I'm getting on it, though). A short text for the BEOS T-shirt (Adep and Motulz are waaaiiiting). Oh, and I still have to scan many pictures, at least from the last 3 rolls of films.

What I have done was: submitting my work to Mirjam at De Schone Kunsten gallery in Haarlem. I went there after attending the lecture in Delft, so I arrived around two o'clock at the gallery, where Mirjam was already waiting. I showed her what I did, as follows: I selected some drawings from my whole comic diary which represent my home-sickness. Then I went to buy a pile of (recycled, greenish) papers and to a copy shop to make copies of the selected drawings, on the recycled, greenish papers.

I had to wait until the day that our kids were away to their day care, to be able to work on the next step. Which was: cutting the pieces of drawings out of the copied papers and sticking them on another (bigger) piece of (recycled, greenish) papers. Yes, right, I was making a 'colage' (spelling?).

The result is three pieces of A3-sized (recycled, greenish) papers with my colage and drawings and text on it, to accompany the fragments from my old diary. Homesick-ness of food, family & friends, dates, and so on. This work will be presented in that gallery, starting 13 November up to 19 December 2004. Along with the work of real artists (in the form of drawings, paintings, animation, etc.). So, see, I am going to 'play artist' for a while!

The thing is, I can't call myself a professional artist, of course. But now all of a sudden I'll have my work exhibited in a real gallery along with real artists. We even put a price on my 'artwork' just in case someone is interested to buy it. As an art piece. Wow.

So, if you'd excuse me, I'm going to have my stage-fever right now...

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