Friday, November 26, 2004

Misty Morning

Yesterday morning, the air was white, everywhere you look. I left home at about 08.30 as usual, walking to the tram stop. Then took the tram to the central station, still couldn't see anything farther than 200 meters ahead. Same thing in the train, from the window, there's nothing to see but the white mist. It was very cold, too, about 4 C. At Delft station, I picked up my bike and started pedalling to TU.

Weird, very weird. I was on the bicycle lane; road on my leftside and a big river on my right. The water surface was barely visible! Totally wiped out by the white air.
After the Hambrug, the bicycle lane was between a river and a graveyard, fenced by a row of bald trees that reached their branches towards the sky. This, again, looked like a scene in horror movies - only there's no background sound that makes it creepy.

The air was heavy, I pedalled and breathed and tried to get as much lighter air as possible. Reaching the Civil Engineering building, I parked my bike and locked it with difficulties (the lock almost froze!). From the big window of my office, I could hardly see the Electronic Engineering building across. How weird, this mist. It really fits the syllable of mist-erious, since it brings up that exact feeling.

The next day (today), the most was no more. Hm, if it ever comes again, I hope I get the chance to be enveloped in it, just once more..

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