Thursday, December 2, 2004

The Day I Met Gaiman

Today is Thursday afternoon (15:30), I'm in Delft now. Waiting for the 17:00 appointment with my associate professor, someplace else (still in Delft). So here I am, spending the time filling in my Journal.
I read Neil's journal everyday therefore know what he's busy with and stuff. Oh, the Fiddler's Green Conference! I'm green with envy! I like looking at the photos, though. And then there's a line saying that Neil is going to do a tour in Australia next year! Maybe he'll drop by Singapore, too! If it's true, this will be a very exciting news for Tiyas (save up your salary, sister!).

Okay, that's my blabber for today. I better prepare myself for the meeting, soon..
[BTW, more pictures at the Photos section - look for "Gaiman"] --> here

From Neil's Journal about that evening:

Yesterday was all interviews with journalists, followed by the signing
in Rotterdam for a couple of hundred very nice people. After the
signing the store gave me a present -- a bottle of green ink, an
inkwell, and a glass-nibbed pen. Today the sun has stopped shining --
it looks grey and chilly out -- and I am off to the Elf Festival for
most of the day, with a signing in Utrecht this afternoon. Am still
standing, walking, smiling and signing. Actually, it being early
morning, I'm still blinking sleepily and looking slightly rumpled. But
you know what I mean.

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