Sunday, October 3, 2004

"Garage Sale"

Yesterday we went to Raamgracht 58, where a "Garage Sale" took place. No, it's not a regular garage sale where you get 2nd-hand stuff for cheaper price. Instead, it's a showroom-kind-of-thing for Dutch (comic) artists. A friend of ours, Peter Giljam and his Buzzworks also had a space there (he's the one who notified us about this).

We parked our bikes right in front of the 'galery', where the gate was open wide. I bought 6 buttons from Buzzworks (1 Eur/button, 5 Eur/6 buttons) since now there's that Shamrock's "eye" button that Motul wants. Also the Shamrock's "Spoofy". We got another 'Blingies' from Peter and I took free postcards by Femke (for Motul).
Looking around, I saw that all T-shirt costs 25 Eur (expensive), except the ones by Shamrock, hanging on one side of the walls. Packaged shirts for 15 Eur, 20 Eur and 25 Eur plus 'troep'. I rightaway chose the 15 Eur one for Motul (again!).

Other stuff are pillows to sit on, in the shape of a square 'word baloon' with "Sit on it!" written on it. Gimmick such as pen holder, purse, fluffy key hanger and stuff. Cards and stickers. Prints. All unique, witty-crazy fun design. Some I would wear, some I won't even though I am given it for free.

Afterwards we dropped by a friend's place which is just around the corner. Then back again to the Garage Sale and then homeward. So that's how we spent our Saturday afternoon.

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