Thursday, September 23, 2004

My 'new', 'free' bike!

Got the keys to Omar's bike last Saturday (thanks, Ted!). Made the usual trip to Delft from Amsterdam, by the 09.10 train. Went rightaway to the "fietsstalling". Showed the bike card (26 August 2004) and keys.
Tried to find the bike with no result.. until the "fietsstalling guy" helped and succeeded in finding it, of course. Had the front wheel repaired (new inner tube). Paid all the fees (plus the monthly payment). The bike is mine! (thanks, Mar!)

Bye, silly-queues-at-the-bus-stop!
Bye, standing-forever-waiting-for-the-bus!
Bye, cramping-in-a-very-full-bus!

Helloooo... mobility!

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