Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Chat, Chatter, Chattest

Looong long time ago I installed Yahoo Messenger on my iMac. Then I forgot about it and never used it ever and finally removed it from my computer.


One day, more than a year after I joined Jalansutra mailing list, I installed that chatting program again. See if I have time for it. A few days after, there's an invitation to join a "conference" by userf5. I didn't get it at first.. conference? Where? Who? What?!
Then came a message from the same person: "Don't you want to join Jalansutra chatroom?". I would like to, but how? There supposed to be a window opening after I click "Join" but there wasn't. So we tried again and finally succeeded.

There. That was the first time. And it goes on, up to today. Everyday a Jalansutra chatroom opens, usually hosted by the same "userf5" and is getting more and more chatter (especially since it was announced at the mailing list).
I like to drop by the chatroom as much as I can. Seems like my day isn't complete without it. I'll have to tone my habit down a bit, so I can concentrate on my work: research and household stuff.

Here I am now, an addict to a chatroom.

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