Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There's Time for Joy and Time for Sorrow

Let me mourn a little, reminisce memorable moments, then be grateful for having known a great person. Your spirit lives on, Kees.

Kees Kousemaker

(Sir Cornelis 'Kees' Kousemaker)

(b. 25/1/1942 - 27/4/2010, The Netherlands)


  1. please accept my deepest condolence, Tita and Syb...
    it's odd to be deeply moved by this small comic, but i am. let me mourn a little too, to show my sympathy to you all and my admiration to Kees.
    may you all be comforted.

  2. Ah... tadi gue tanya di twitter, suaminya keikou yah? My condolences Ta.... :(

  3. fachril: terima kasih

    mer: thank you. I'm preserving our fond memories with Kees in my next drawings and hopefully you could feel the delight in there, too

    V: iya barusan gue reply twitter-nya, bener ini suaminya kekou (nickname-nya ngambil dari nama asli suaminya). pdhal baru semingguan yg lalu gue email2an sama mereka... thanks ven..