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"Gaiman" is less sensible, compared to "Pamuk"

This blog was originally posted on January 16, 2009, but somehow wasn't included when I migrated my to So here goes, below, complete & unabridged.
Oh- and this is the post that actually 'introduced' me to Twitter, thanks to a comment (copied below). And so the snowball rolled on...


At least, that's the case in the "specialties" list of Reading Light's menu. A Neil Gaiman coffee is "ice black coffee, fresh milk, peanut butter, hazelnut syrup, cinnamon & cold froth" while an Orhan Pamuk is "hot cappuccino with a special mix of kapulaga (Amomum cardamomum), clove & cinnamon". I've had a curiosity since I first read the menu and finally had the chance to taste that weird Gaiman today. Just as I thought: imagine drinking a peanut-butter sandwich that was soaked in cold coffee, crushed ice and liquid sugar. Even David Sedaris seemed like a more tempting option, however childish it may sound ("orange juice, lemon juice, fresh milk & vanilla ice cream").

Moving on to our dish: I had chicken sandwich, which was quite decent. Other than the usual diced, boiled chicken slathered in mayonaise, this one came filled with layers of 'chicken bologna' of some sorts. Yummy. However, next time, I would ask them to skip the chili sauce.

And what about our book-shopping spree for today? I've scored two hard cover Alice in Wonderland books, both published by Random House in 1946! I really like the illustration technique and appearance; Syb said it could even be hand-colored (I'll post a review as soon as time permits...). Syb did the rest of the rummaging and found several other books to his content, while I continued working on my papers with my MacBook. We happily skimming our books while enjoying our lunch in that cool place, unwinding before our next tasks called.

Our afternoon jaunt ended quite pleasantly. We got book discount from using a card (instead of cash) to pay, and food discount from having a membership card (and there's actually a complimentary drink, too, for members). The shop attendant informed us that they'll have a treat on the occasion of the Chinese New Year: there will be a bonus (an ang pau, she said) for every purchase of book about (or related to) China. Shall we go again in two weeks, then, and see what the ang pau is? :)

More photos can be viewed in an album with the same title.


phronk wrote on Jan 17, '09:
The Neil Gaiman coffee sounds like it would be delicious if it was hot, but cold? Weird. I tried peanut butter in coffee myself a while ago and it was actually pretty tasty.
P.S. Do you know that Neil Gaiman himself linked here in his Twitter? (!)
I agree! I asked for a hot version, but they couldn't provide that :|
I didn't know about his Twitter, but I just saw the post at his blog(!) :"> 

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