Saturday, November 19, 2011

SEVEN: Draw Your Days! 2011 participants

Following is the list of participants that joined our event, SEVEN: Draw Your Days! 2011 on November 7-13. Please let me know if you did but didn't see the link here, or if you want to suggest a better link for your works. I plan to compile these 7-days graphics into a downloadable eBook for us if you don't mind. Thank you, all! :)

By the way, here's mine and Dhanu's
And this one is a friend's blog where she uploaded hers and wrote around the phenomenon of SEVEN (Mer's Bits of Bytes)

3 Kettle Cafe
Adiputra Singgih
Adriane (Asylum in the Crowd)
Afintra Medeani
Alex Irzaki
Amelia Putri Ananda
Anastasia Sulemantoro
Angela Kurnadi 
Anne Mariane
Anne Nurfarina
Ari Suryanto
Audelia Agustine
Ayusta Gitawiguna
Bena Ndr
Berti Alia Bahaduri
Budi Rahardjo
Chy Dly
Danne Ashimself 
Diah Trisnawardhani
Dian Aryani
Dina Sandika Soesanto (Unnamed Beauty)
Djadjaq Markodjaq
Doddy Pratondo
Donny Satriadarma
Dydy Dyah
Erine Agnissary
Evi Shelvia Evie Chibi
Eugenia Gina
Faisal Abdul Salam
Fathia Qadreza (Hullabaloo)
Feni Afiani
Fifa Atm
Haneep (Imaginarium) 
Hanny 'Kiko' Larasati Imania
Harlia Hasjim and sons: Hari and Ardi
Harry 'Bebek' Anugrah Mawardi 
Ifa Safira Sagir
Isti Dhaniswari
Izul Rahman
Jane Kurnadi & kids
Jeffin Andria Prabowo
Jon Vniverse
Maharani Dian
Maria Lubis
Mia Diwasasri & kids
Milka Basuki
Milla Nurdiana (Zielarc) 
Mira Prihatini Triyogo
Mita Armayani
Mujiyono Sutarno
Nataya Pqho (Dapurku Today)
Nino Puriando
Nita Darsono (Nitchii)
Okky Baskara
Pinot W. Ichwandardi (Pinodita: Our Artful Life)
Poystories (Pinkan Victorien's digital playground)
Prananda Luffiansyah Malasan 
Prasajadi Heru
Putri Purnamasari (Squish The Jellyfish)
Qodeer Andi 
Ramok Lakoro
Regina (Reghe)
Rezki Yudha Mejiku
Rinaldo Hartanto
Rony Amdani
Rudy P Agnel
Sabila Amalina (Sabilablabla: Get in My Head)
Sheila Rooswitha
Stephani Soejono
Toro Elmar
Ucing Hideung
Utami Hendrarto


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